5 Reasons to Include Dreamworld (Gold Coast) In Your Itinerary

If you are visiting Australia with your family and have the time and budget to spare for just one theme park, it must be Dreamworld. There are quite a few interesting theme parks on the Gold Coast, but nothing is quite as exciting for the entire family as Dreamworld. This theme park encompasses over 50 rides and attractions, making it one of the biggest theme parks on the Gold Coast. We bring you 5 reasons why this theme park must be a part of your itinerary in Queensland:

1. Unlimited Thrills with the Fastest Rides

If you enjoy blood pumping adrenaline, Dreamworld has a lot of exciting rides in store for you. Head to the Tower of Terror to experience one of the deadliest yet most incredible rides of your life. If going higher into the sky catches your fancy, opt for the Giant Drop.  And for those who love the idea of 360 degree spins and being tossed around, the Claw and Wipeout are definitely made for you. Just remember not to eat anything before you go on these rides.

2. A Fantasy World for the Little Kids

If you are travelling with youngsters, they will definitely love Dreamworld as it has some of the most incredible fantasy worlds like Madagascar Madness and Wiggles World. Your kids will love the characters from their favourite movies and revel in the simple, fun-filled rides.

3. Something for Everyone

At Dreamworld, a family that enjoys rides together, stays together. Gold Rush is full of entertaining, exhilarating family rides. Amidst gushing waters, the whole family can have a ball on the Thunder River Rapid Rides. There’s also a gentle log ride for the entire family.

4. Show Your Love for Animals

If Australian wildlife entices you, Dreamworld is the perfect place for you. While Sea World is known for its marine life, Dreamworld is known for the super-cute Koalas and Kangaroos. Kids and international travelers will definitely enjoy this rendezvous with Australian wildlife.

5. Whitewater World

Adjacent to Dreamworld is the Whitewater World, the aquatic wonder that boasts all four of the hottest waterslides in the world. If you enjoy water rides, these thrilling slides and pools are the place to be.

Dreamworld is open all days from 10 am to 5 pm. You can get there using public transport or opt for car hire in Queensland to enjoy the scenic beauty on the way.