A Taste of Fame in Perth

Sydney and Melbourne may lay claim to being the gourmet capitals of Australia, but Perth has a surprisingly vibrant food scene with some amazing restaurants headed up by some of the biggest names in the world. If celebrity dining appeals to you, check out our guide to some of Perth’s most famous restaurants.

Jamie’s Italian

Jamie Oliver’s Italian restaurants follow the same philosophy as all of his creations. The focus is simple food, done well, with amazing fresh ingredients taking centre stage. All the recipes here are tried and tested, and the rustic style of their presentation suits them perfectly. The casual atmosphere welcomes groups and families to come and dine together, and the staff are especially welcoming. If you fancy recreating your favourite dish here yourself you can do so with the help of one of the many cookbooks on sale – this is fine dining at its most accessible.

Heirloom by Pete Evans

If you’re looking for your gourmet meals to come with a bit of a healthy angle, then the menu here is sure to please. Pete is famous for his enthusiasm for the “paleo” way of eating, so you can expect plenty of fresh meats and vegetables here. There’s raw foods, gluten free, and vegetarian options here for all to enjoy, but there’s nothing stone age about the surroundings or the presentation.


Well known in Sydney and Melbourne, the Perth installation of this famous steakhouse is an excellent example of Neil Perry’s vision. All the steaks are dry aged on the premises, tonnes at a time, and many come from surrounding farms. They’re then cooked to perfection and accompanied by a variety of interesting side dishes. Take your pick of the salads, vegies and other tasty offerings on the menu. They encourage diners to enjoy their meals “Family Style”, with plates being passed around so you can sample different flavours during your meal.