A Taste of Nature: An Outdoor Guide to Coffs Harbour

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by Hertz AU - 07 July 2017

The strategic positionofCoffs Harbour makes it the perfect springboard into thesurroundingrainforests, national parks and strips of picturesque beaches. However, when setting off to explore it can be useful to have a short-list of must-see outdoor spots. Make the most of your adventures and take a look at our recommendations for some of the best trails, sights, and wilderness experiences located closetoCoffs Harbour.

Dangar Falls

If you’re a fan of waterfalls, Dangar Falls doesn’t disappoint. Located just 3km from Coffs Harbour, this stunning 30m waterfall is nestled amid charming dairy farmland. Take advantage of the viewing platform for some truly fantastic photographs and stick around for lunch in the picnic area.

Wonga Walk

Stroll through the World Heritage listed rainforest of Dorrigo National park and marvel at some of the 600-year old trees, vibrant fungi and teeming wildlife. The Wonga Walk is among one of the most popular routes through this subtropical rainforest and promises an enjoyable outdoor trek for those of varying fitness levels.

Dunggir National Park

The Dunggir National Park offers many scenic hikes and driving routes, as well as quiet picnic areas for those looking to make a pit stop. If you’re lucky, you might even get a glimpse of one of the 12 protected animal species currently calling the park home – including koalas and yellow-bellied gliders.

Park Beach

Hit the waves at Coffs Harbour’s main surf beach, or enjoy some water sports or fishing. Park Beach is patrolled daily throughout most of summer so you can feel safe going for a swim.

Casuarina Falls Circuit

If you’re feeling ambitious, you could attempt tackling the challenging hike along the ridgeline of the Dorrigo plateau. All that exertion will be worth it, however, when you arrive at the top of Casuarina falls and are gifted with sweeping vistas of Dorrigo National Park.

With so many outdoor treks to choose from, sometimes heading into the unknown to see what you stumble across can be equally as rewarding.