Alice Springs is your Gateway to Uluru and Beyond

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by Hertz AU - 07 July 2017

Alice Springs is your portal to the southern edge of the Northern Territory, giving you the perfect launching pad to explore some of Australia’s most iconic landmarks.

In and around Alice Springs

The town itself is a hotspot of activity for the region, boasting history and culture galore. If you’re in town, explore one of the city’s local galleries that showcase Indigenous art and culture. From here, you can take a helicopter ride over the West McDonnell Ranges, your number one choice for seeing some of Australia’s arid and rugged scenery from above. The ranges themselves are accessible by car and foot, and are an adventure- lover’s dream. Stop by for a hike, take a swim in a waterhole or camp the night beneath the stars.

King’s Canyon and Uluru

Drive just three hours to King’s Canyon, where a massive gorge is carved out of the natural rock face. Here you can explore the culture of the Karkke Aboriginal community and revel in the natural wonderland that is central Australia.

A five-hour drive away from Alice Springs, you’ll come across Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, home to two of the world’s most impressive rock formations.

The first is Uluru – an 863 metre monolith that stretches out of the flat and barren desert around it. A walk around Uluru will introduce you to the many detailed cave paintings that explore various elements of the local Pitjantjatjara culture.

The second natural landmark is Kata Tjuta, located a short drive away from Uluru. Kata Tjuta is a group of intricate rock mounds that tower above the flat desert landscape. Not as well-known as Uluru, they are embedded in local Aboriginal legend and represent a sacred site for local cultures.