Best places to eat in Melbourne

From cheerful cheap eats to some of the fanciest restaurants in the Southern Hemisphere, Melbourne isafoodie’s paradise. This internationally renowned food destination has much to offer for every taste and budget. Here are some of our favourites.


Punch Lane is the perfect spot for this avant-garde eatery, which fearlessly combines Malaysian, Vietnamese and Indonesian cuisine with native Australian ingredients and other unexpected culinary delights. Their Roti with Vegemite flavoured curry is a stand out on the menu, along with their rendang curry meat pie. If you’re wanting to eat at a place where being adventurous with your menu choices is consistently rewarded, this is the place for you.

Queen Victoria Market

For something a bit different, head to the Queen Vic Market. You can feast on fresh fruits here, or hit the deli area to create the charcuterie platter, cheeseboard and antipasto of your dreams. There’s also the fresh seafood, and you will often see happy diners here with some prawns, smoked salmon or a cheeky dozen or two of oysters, scoffing them down immediately while enjoying the sunshine. That should give you enough energy to get some shopping done so you can make your very own home-cooked feast.


If you like your food full of theatre then, Attica will delight you – when the dishes hit the table, you’re never quite sure what you’re about to experience, and you might doubt whether what you’ve got is edible at all, but if you trust the whims of the eccentric celebrity chef here you will be rewarded with a delicious and wholly unforgettable meal. Keep an eye out for their “Experimental Sessions”, where, for a reduced price you can be a guinea pig for new things they’re working on – it’s a set menu that defies description, but one you’re sure to enjoy.

Dodee Paidang

If you’re looking for something budget-friendly that will be sure to satisfy, then this Thai eatery in the basement of the Hotel Causeway is a hidden treasure you’ll be delighted to discover. The Tom Yum Noodle soup is the dish that has made this place famous amongst local foodies, but their entire menu will please your appetite without breaking the bank.

Tipo 00

You may be tempted to head to Lygon St if you’re craving pasta (and you’ll certainly find plenty of good choices if you do) but this CBD treasure is often touted as “Melbourne’s Best Pasta”. They do things simply and well here, so if you want some no-fuss Italian flavours done to superb perfection, then make a booking here and treat yourself.


For novelty value and utterly delicious food it’s hard to go past Mjolner. They’re quick to tell you they’re not a theme restaurant, but the commitment to the Norse flavour and furnishings of the place could have you easily fooled. The menu is meat-heavy, and horns of mead are quaffed as feasts befitting any Viking Hero are consumed here.