Carnarvon to Exmouth

The west coast of Australia is home to wild, iconic beauty. From red dirt, to vast landscapes scorched by sun, this is a road trip that offers a truly authentic Australian experience.

Begin in Carnarvon

Carnarvon is ideally situated on the central coast of Western Australia. It’s the perfect place to find some rest and relaxation before heading off on a trip that takes in some of the region’s most magical sights.

While in Carnarvon, take time to enjoy the tropical food that the town is famous for. With everything from citrus fruits, to sumptuous seafood, everything is fresh, local, and guaranteed to impress. While in town, you’ll also have the opportunity to learn about the fascinating indigenous history of the area.

Carnarvon probably isn’t somewhere you’d think of as a place that played a significant part in Australian space exploration history. But you’ll be surprised what you learn on a visit to Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum. The museum offers great insight into the role the town played in some of NASA’s most important and iconic space missions. Pay a visit to find out more.

Head for Coral Bay

From Carnarvon, jump in your rental car and begin the drive to Coral Bay. The town of Coral Bay is right on the coast and with sweeping views of the Indian Ocean, it feels pretty much like paradise.

Coral Bay is the starting point of the Ningaloo Coast coral reef. What’s unique about the reef, is its proximity to the shoreline. Simply by entering the water and swimming out a few metres, you’ll be treated to glorious views of the marine life below the surface. And all just metres from the shore. Some of the most popular places for entering the reef are Bill's Bay, Five Fingers Reef and Purdy Point.

It’s definitely worth spending a night in town and soaking up some sun. However, due to the size of the town and the frequent scarcity of accommodation, we recommend booking in advance.


The drive to Exmouth offers up the best of Australia. On some sections of the road, palm trees sway and turquoise waters shimmer in the sun. On others, kangaroos and emus cut through rugged red terrain. It’s undeniably beautiful, and quintessentially Australian.

Situated near the Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area, Exmouth is the perfect base from which to explore Cape Range National Park and Ningaloo Marine Park.

Visitors flock from all around the world and visit Ningaloo Marine Park for once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Here you can swim with gentle giants of the ocean – including whale sharks, manta rays, and humpback whales. It is truly something to behold and those who do it treasure the experience.

Cape Range National Park is home to more than 50,000 hectares of rugged beauty. With deep, dramatic canyons and gorges, limestone ranges, and over 50 kilometers of unspoilt coastline – this is an unmissable part of any trip to the Exmouth region.

A visit to Yardie Creek is a must-do when visiting Cape Range National Park. The ancient gorge features an array of stunning colours, with deep blue water, and dramatic red limestone cliff walls. Take a guided boat tour and enjoy the tranquility and the wildlife that this ancient landscape offers.

Western Australia is a place quite unlike anywhere else on Earth. Hire a rental car from Hertz – and wherever you choose to adventure, we’ll get you there.

Photo by Josh Spires | @drone_nr on Unsplash