Enjoy a Scenic Drive from Cairns to the Gold Coast with Hertz

Apart from its beaches, natural beauty, and untouched rural towns, Australia is also known for its amazing drives. If you’re a fan of road trips, you will love the drive from Cairns to the Gold Coast. A total distance of about 1786 km, it will take you approximately 20 hours. Rather than finishing the journey at a stretch, spend a comfortable 5-7 days as you stop for some sightseeing along the way. Take car rental from Cairns and set off on your journey to witness some of the world’s best beaches, live wildlife and a great getaway!

Getting Started

On your first day, visit the Green Island, a 6000-year old coral cay, and the Great Barrier Reef, one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Then, you can head to Mission Beach where you can get an opportunity to experience coral sea kayaking. Make your final stop at Townsville and see the Museum of Tropical Queensland, an ideal day activity for the entire family. You will learn a lot about the Queensland culture, history and wildlife. The staff at the museum is extremely warm and helpful, willing to answer all your questions and encourage discovery!

Getting Ahead

From Townsville, you can head to Mackay and enjoy the various beaches all around. There are a number of picture-perfect spots in the vicinity so don’t forget to carry your camera! From Mackay, go to Yeppoon. You can visit the Keppel Island Underwater Observatory, close to Yeppoon, where the clear crystal waters offer lots of water sports activities. The area also has about 15 national parks worth checking out.

Getting Closer

Move from Yeppoon to Bundaberg where you can enjoy the latest attractions at the Bundy Bowl and Leisure Complex. Go for Crazy Dodgems and Jurassic Put, or send the little ones to Tiny Town or the Monster Slide. The entire family can play together at the mini golf course and have a great time together!

Getting There

The last trip will be from Bundaberg to Brisbane, which can include a visit to the Australia Zoo. Wildlife enthusiasts will love visiting the biggest zoo in Queensland and get a chance to interact with birds, elephants, tortoises, koalas and many more animals – a definite hit with the children.


The distinct colours, fragrant smells and peculiar sounds of the coastline will stay with you much longer even after your beautiful car journey from Cairns to the Gold Coast comes to an end.