Explore the Great Barrier Reef: Queensland’s Multi-Coloured Playground

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by Hertz AU - 07 July 2017

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the jewels in Australia’s tourism crown. Boasting sapphire blue waters, snow-whitesandy beaches and luscious tropical plants, the 2000-km stretch of coastline is home to some of the world’s most vibrant creatures. It’s a true tropical wonderland that leaves no shortage of mind-blowing activities.

If you’re travelling to Queensland, the Great Barrier Reef is a must-see destination for any traveller. There are a variety of unique experiences to fill your days with including adventure sports, relaxing on the coastline, walking through the tropical rainforest and an array of water-bound activities.

Here is your guide to making the most out of Australia’s number one heritage listed natural playground.

Meet some native animals

The reef itself is teeming with all sorts of tropical fish and vibrant coral for you to explore. Strap on a pair of flippers and snorkel your way into the water, or sign yourself up for a scuba diving class. Either way, you’ll be treated to a majestic marine wonderland that will make for an unforgettable experience.

Above water, unique Australian creatures such as kangaroos, koalas, cassowaries and wombats also call northeast Queensland home. Meet one of these furry friends at one of the zoos scattered along the coastline, or venture out into nature to try your hand at spotting one in the wild.

Take to the seas

You don’t have to dive beneath the ocean to experience water-bound wildlife in this region of Australia. A multitude of companies offer sailing and yachting experiences that provide a relaxing experience.

Set sail around the Whitsunday Islands or sail out to Fraser Island for panoramic views of this stunning coastline. From the boat, you’ll be treated to towering cliff faces, and crystalline waters.