Explore the Red Centre in Alice Springs

While there is enough evidence suggesting that Aboriginals lived in the region of Alice Springs over 30,000 years ago, Europeans only settled here as recently as the late 1800s. Today, this region is home to about 30,000 people and continues to be one of the more remote Outback areas in Australia. It is located 6.5 hours away from the famous Uluru and 1500 km away from Darwin.

Getting to Alice Springs

The easiest way to get in and around this region is to opt for a car hire in Alice Springs. Tourists will find some of the best car rental companies in the world offering their services at the airport nearby. The drive into Alice Springs can be a scenic one with all the trees, bushes and flora that one will pass by. Unlike the perceived red centre of the country, Alice Springs has a unique characteristic to it.

Exploring the Top Spots in Alice Springs

While here, a family may want to take time out to explore the top attractions this region has to offer –


· The Old Ghan Railway Museum

This quaint little museum is home to a variety of artefacts and exhibits related to the history of the railway in this region. Walk through old train carriages, check out the kitchen and bar and learn some more about the railway heritage here.


· Old Telegraph Station

Drive to the other side of the town to the old telegraph station that is located where the first settlements began in this region. This structure was built as a relay station for telegraphs being sent to and from Adelaide and Darwin. Explore the series of old buildings with the help of a tour guide and learn how this station served as home to half white and half aboriginal children. Immerse yourself in the exhibits on what is known as the “stolen generation”.


· Anzac Hill

Considered to be a must see attraction in Alice Springs, Anzac Hill sits right in the middle of town. Even though the hill isn’t very high, it gives some amazing views of the town and the Outback. It is fascinating to observe the patches of green that grow around piles of red rocks here. 

This town is also home to a shopping street and a few great eateries. Driving around and soaking up the local way of life is a great way to spend one’s time here.