Plan Trips from San Francisco with a Hertz

Every year, thousands of tourists visit San Francisco to enjoy its various entertainment options, museums, parks and beaches. The city is considered as the jewel of North California and offers a whole range of activities that make one’s visit worth the time and money spent. A holiday in San Francisco gets better and bigger with day trips from the city to some of the country’s most exciting destinations. Read on to find out the top five day-trips from San Francisco.

Napa Valley

Every wine lover in the world knows Napa Valley. The place can be accessed easily by a two-hour drive from San Francisco with a trusted car hire in USA. While a visit to the wineries is mandatory, Napa Valley also has many interesting restaurants that offer an amazing culinary experience. Visit the Oxbow Public Market for its varieties of fresh produce from almost every part of the world.

Yosemite National Park

Yet another popular name from the world of Californian tourism, Yosemite National Park is home to the third highest waterfall in North America and notable granite formations. Visitors to Yosemite can enjoy the Yosemite Museum, which showcases the cultural basketry skills of Native Americans. Adventure lovers can have a real treat with adrenaline pumping activities like swimming, rock climbing, horse riding and zip lining.

Santa Cruz

A fun-filled game of beach volleyball along the sun-kissed coastline of Santa Cruz is just a small part of the complete package the city has to offer. Visitors can check out places like the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, the Mystery Spot and the Big Basin Redwoods State Park.

Point Reyes National Seashore

30 miles from San Francisco, Point Reyes is easily reachable from the heart of the city. Point Reyes is a haven for seabirds and elephants seals, which may sometimes be hard to spot through the spectacular displays of fog. Watching the rough tide hit the red rocks and listening to the uncanny sounds of the elk bugling at a distance will make this a favourite with nature lovers.

Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay is about 12 miles away from San Francisco and is worth visiting for its tranquil charm. The sight of the turquoise blue water caressing the white sand under the golden sun, the aromatic flavours of fresh seafood at the many beachside restaurants and long romantic strolls on the beach are some of the best things about Half Moon Bay.