Journey with Hertz AU from Cairns to Port Douglas

Port Douglas, north of Cairns, Queensland, is a must-visit for those on the hunt for a little tranquillity. The town is located next to two World Heritage areas – the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest. Tourists arriving in Cairns must opt for a reliable car rental in Cairns to access Port Douglas through the famous Captain Cook Highway and have a wonderful experience.

Driving Along the Coastal Highway

Beautifully etched routes are strewn across the island country of Australia. The Captain Cook Highway leads tourists from Cairns to Port Douglas and it is worth going on a road trip just to see its beautiful sights. Flanked by the mesmerising blue sea on one side and the dense rainforest that is home to an exotic collection of wildlife on the other, the road to Port Douglas demands seasoned drivers to handle its curves carefully. Nevertheless, an Australian holiday can never be complete without experiencing the panoramic views along this road. 
The 42-mile drive from Cairns to Port Douglas can offers stunning views filled with much equanimity. Below is a list of the highlights that can be explored during this signature drive.

Rex Lookout

Rex Lookout is one of the most photographed spots in the country, or maybe even the world!. The lookout offers gorgeous views of Trinity Bay from the highway. The sight of the clear blue water with the magnificent mountains in the background will make anyone fall in love with the vista instantly. Rex Lookout is only 20 minutes away from Cairns. Tourists can halt here for a while to stretch their limbs and take a quick walk before continuing their journey further.

Ellis Beach

For tourists who cannot get enough of the beautiful, blue Coral Sea, there is also an option to avail luxurious oceanfront bungalows near Ellis Beach. The pristine beach is about 40 kilometres away from Port Douglas and offers access to upscale restaurants and living accommodations, all set with a scenic rainforest backdrop.

Mount Alexandra Lookout

As the highway leads the tourists closer to Port Douglas, it may be a good idea to check out the views from Mount Alexandra Lookout. Only 10 minutes away from the Daintree River, it offers outstanding views of the river as well as Port Douglas, Snapper Island and Cape Kimberley. Flocks of the brightly coloured Ulysses Butterfly and the Pied-Imperial Pigeons are the other highlights worth seeing here.