Get Discounts Galore with Hertz Melbourne Car Hire

Going to Melbourne Australia for business trip? If you’re doing this with limited funding, it would be best to go for Hertz Melbourne car hire because this one their objectives is helping you make the most of your hard-earned money. For instance, how would you like to get 20$ off when you rent a car for 3 or more days?  This very special offer is yours for the taking.


But the real special deal in getting this amazing discount is that you will also help start-ups, family businesses, and independent entrepreneurs in your community. In partnership with American Express, Hertz is giving back to the community by supporting small businesses. The good part about it is that your discount benefits not only you but also your neighborhood. The benefits don’t end there, read on and find out what’s in store for you.


Get a Ticketmaster Gift Card with a $50 value when you book a weekly car rental before October 1, 2015.  Yes, that’s right. The promo runs until 2015.  Just make sure you know the right Promotion Code and make a reservation with a valid email address.  By renting a car for period of seven consecutive days, you can get the gift card with free upgrade.


Aside from the above-mentioned package, Hertz Melbourne car rental offer unique one-way rentals. From July 16 this year to January 31, 2015 — you can avail of high discounted rates for car rentals. The offer includes 200 kilometers per day absolutely free.


But what really makes it great is the “No One-Way Fee” offer.  You can enjoy these discounts and benefits when you rent a vehicle from Exmouth Airport or Exmouth Downtown to any point in Western Australia.


All you need to do is visit their website, particularly their reservation page.  Then type in your desired pickup location, pick-up dates and times, and age then you’re all set.  But do make sure to read the Terms and Conditions that apply to these very special offers.


Hertz Melbourne Car Hire benefits never seem to end.  They even have a special deal for car renters 25 years old and below.  If you are in that age group, the company will waive the $16.50 daily young renter surcharge. The surcharge is capped at seven days for each 30-day rental period.  So by getting waived, you make more use of your money even as you enjoy the company’s quality rental cars and service.

Hertz Melbourne Car Hire: Conclusion

No matter what age you are or whatever car preference that you may have, Hertz has a special offer that’s just right for you. The company’s commitment to serving its customers needs is simply unparalleled.