Indulge your inner child in the Sunshine Coast

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by Hertz AU - 07 July 2017

The best part of every holiday is embracing things that are different, and the Sunshine Coast provides plenty of opportunities to do just that.

Of course, the city provides access to all the beaches, fine dining and shopping every tourist could want, but its true colours shine through in the attractions that are hidden a little bit below the surface. Get out of your comfort zone and give one of the following activities a try.

The Biggest Pineapple You’ll Ever See

Towering overhead at more than 16 metres tall, this heritage-listed site is exactly what it sounds like: a gigantic piece of fruit. Constructed in 1971 as part of an initiative to bring more tourists to the area, the Big Pineapple sure does live up to its name.

Get to know the area around the impressively sized pineapple by taking a journey on the tiny train that winds through nearby rainforests, orchids and a bamboo forest. Departing every thirty minutes, you’ll get to discover the surrounds - and don’t forget to stop off at nearby Wildlife HQ where you can meet and greet some native animals.

Get Lost at Bellingham Maze

Leave the map at home and venture out into the great unknown at this unusually shaped hedge maze. Young and old will be delighted as they attempt to work their way out from among the foliage. The 1.8-hectare property is overflowing with things to do; if you manage to find the exit to the maze, you can enjoy a spot of mini golf or relax over a traditional Devonshire Tea at the onsite cafe.

Make Like A Monkey

Once you have enjoyed the day at some of the most interesting sites on the east coast of Australia, it’s only natural that you should want some rest. Sunshine Coast’s collection of treehouse hotels will do just the trick - secure your sleeping arrangements in a treetop lodge and have a sleep like you’ve never experienced before.

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