Newcastle is a Heritage Listed Natural Wonderland

The Central Coast ofNSW is famed for its beautiful natural landscapes that are simply breathtaking. Located at its heart, Newcastle is a vital destination for anyone wanting to escape the city smog and venture into the great outdoors. The area abounds with World Heritage listed sites that are sure to take your breath away, so there is something to pique every interest.

Take to the skies

The best way to experience the city - if you can wake up early enough - is by hot air balloon. See the sun rise over a superb landscape and experience life in the clouds. A few tour companies offer this unique experience - take your pick and see the best of Newcastle from the sky.

Beautiful beaches

For those that are on the hunt for calmer waters, the Ocean Baths and Merewether Baths are both ideal swimming spots. Barricaded from the large surf waves, the baths provide a tranquil area to take the family and discover life under the water. Open all year round, the baths are your place to take a much-deserved dip.

Endless options for surfing

If you have more of an adventurous streak, you’ll want to try out one of Newcastle’s famous surf beaches. Merewether, Stockton and Nobby all offer some prime waves for everyone from beginner surfers to the most advanced.

Those who do have a surfing streak would be wise to check out Surfest, the annual surfing festival that dominates Merewether Beach in late February.

Sleep under the stars

For a more unique accommodation option, you can’t go past a spot of camping. Newcastle and the Central Coast at large offer up some of the most pristine camping spots, allowing you to choose between the beachside, bushland, rainforests and lagoons.

Try the Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park to meet some of Australia’s native wildlife, or pick a spot in the Glenworth Valley to pair your camping trip with kayaking and horse riding activities.