Road Trip Itinerary: Launceston to Hobart

Tasmania’s two major cities are distinctly different, but both are filled with culture, history, art and abundant natural beauty to be discovered. If you’re tight for time, the drive down the Heritage Highway can be completed in roughly three hours. Completing the trip in a single leg gives you the ability to spend more time in the two major cities. On the other hand, if you have the time to take the scenic route there are a number of great pit stops along the way.

Check out our LauncestonHobart road trip itinerary:

Stop 1: Ben Lomond

If you find it hard to stay in the car for more than an hour at a time, Ben Lomond is an ideal first stop on your journey. Just 40 minutes from Launceston, this is the largest alpine area in Tasmania and is filled with wildlife, fantastic views and walking tracks to stretch your legs.

Stop 2: Campbell Town

If you are planning an overnight stay on the journey, Campbell Town is the perfect place to call it a day. One and a half hours from Ben Lomond, this historic town has a number of houses that are more than 100 years old. Talk a walk along the banks of the Elizabeth River before finding a local bar or restaurant for a well-earned meal.

Stop 3: Oatlands

Half an hour from Campbell Town lies Oatlands, with streets lined with sandstone buildings – many of which were built by convict labour in the early days of Australian settlement.

Stop 4: Pontville

If you don’t plan on stopping at the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, this will be the last pit stop on your journey. Pontville is 40 minutes from Oatlands and features some brilliant examples of colonial architecture, including the beautiful St Mark’s Church, built in 1839.

Stop 5: Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

The Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary is home to a host of animals, many of which are extinct outside of Tasmania. Experience a close encounter with the resident Tasmanian devils, eastern quolls and a number of other crowd favourites like kangaroos and sugar gliders.

From Bonorong it’s a leisurely 30-minute drive to Hobart where MONA, Mt Wellington and the Salamanca Market await.

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