Have a Comfortable Journey to Guildford with Hertz

Western Australia’s oldest wine region, Guildford and Swan Valley are full of wonders for those who choose to unravel them. A treasure trove of wineries, breweries, quaint cafes, and antique markets, it is chock full with seasonal produce all year round. With gourmet restaurants and rustic pubs, Swan Valley bustles with the clinking of glasses and the satisfied buzz of patrons as they go through one delicious meal after another.


The valley is quite famous for its gourmet goods like olive oil, dense cheeses, marinated olives, dried fruit, pickles, handmade chocolate, truffles, nougat, fudge, and jars of preserves. Swan Valley is also known to be the first Humane Food Region in Australia, a movement initiated to support local animal welfare and promote the production of good quality local food. Every food lover’s ultimate paradise, embark on an epic gastronomic adventure and sample the rich flavors of the valley’s local cuisine.


Wine lovers, rejoice! You can taste some of the best wines at one of Swan Valley’s boutique wineries and while you’re there, get some education on how to pair wines with cheese. With a multitude of options, dive headfirst into the elegance of vineyard restaurants, or pack a delicious lunch complete with fruits, cheese and a bottle of wine and head to the nearest national park for a picnic.


For some family fun, the Swan Valley Cuddly Animal Farm and West Australian Reptile Park are great to visit. The Margaret River Chocolate Factory and Whistler’s Chocolate Company is a huge hit with kids, as is the Outback Splash at The Maze, one of Australia’s largest water-park.


Recreational activities never cease at the Swan Valley. Explore the Swan Valley Heritage trail on a cycle or go back in time by riding in a horse-drawn carriage. If this isn’t enough, get inside a chauffeured limousine or hop into a romantic cruise on the Swan River. Experience peace and relaxation in its truest forms by treating your body to delicious gourmet cuisines and glasses of zesty wines amidst the scenic beauty of Swan Valley.


Perth to Swan Valley is a picturesque drive, so one can choose to rent a car. Drive through the beautiful stretches of Guildford to take in as much of the surrounding beauty. Get the most of your vacation by fueling it with good wine, gourmet treats, and the company of your friends or family.