The Thrill Seekers Guide to Penrith

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by Hertz AU - 03 August 2017

There’s a certain level of courage that comes with being on holiday. It’s easy to take inspiration from your new surrounds and find the desire to try new, adventurous activities. Check out our list of top of destinations to turn the excitement up to 11.

Luddenham Raceway and Paintball

Luddenham is your one-stop-shop for a day of thrills, revs and spills. For those with the need for speed, there is the world-class outdoor go kart centre. The raceway offers a rookie circuit for family fun and a pro circuit where you can truly put the pedal to the metal.

Luddenham is also home to four state-of-the-art paintball fields. Each field has been designed specifically to offer a different challenge, and games are tailored to the field being used. Put your skills to the test and discover who in your travel party is a true sharp shooter.

Escape Room 51

If you’re a little more super sleuth than superman, then Escape Room 51 is the rush for you. Pick your theme, learn the back story, find the clues, solve the problem and crack the case. You have an hour to complete your challenge in groups of up to 6, making it a great bonding experience for you and your travel buddies.

Skypeak Adventures

Fly through the skies at this adventure park featuring high-suspension crossings, death-defying free falls and exhilarating zip lines. There are over 80 activities stretched across the park, so there’s plenty of opportunity for stunning aerial views and high-flying fun.

Jetpack Adventures

If you’ve ever watched action heroes take to the skies in awe, this is the adventure for you. Strap yourself into this water-propelled jetpack and soar up to 20 metres in the sky. The whole thing is controlled by you, allowing you to channel your inner James Bond as you veer left, right and upwards at will.

Penrith Whitewater Stadium

Take to the water and experience the rush of whitewater rafting or kayaking. Originally built for the Sydney Olympic Games, this is the only man-made river of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. The stadium offers guided or unguided options allowing you to tailor your thrill to your level of experience.

If you’re looking for a holiday adrenaline rush, Penrith has a host of options that won’t disappoint.