Three Must-See Museums in Gosford

There’s a lot more toGosford than meets the eye. While first impressions paint a picture of a typical Central Coast town, there are someunmissable gems that you may not expect to see in this location.Gosford is home to an interactive war exhibit and the largest automotive museum in the Southern Hemisphere,whichare well worth the visit even if you’re not a history buff orgearhead.

Gosford Classic Car Museum

Hidden among the quiet streets of Gosford is the Classic Car Museum, home to more than 400 cars and motorcycles including a collection of classic, modern and rare vehicles in original condition. Admire pristine Ferraris, Bentleys, Lamborghinis, Maseratis, Porches, Mercedes, Jaguars and much more – it’s heaven for anyone from the casual observer to the dedicated car enthusiast.

Central Coast Interactive War Exhibit

The Central Coast Interactive War Exhibit offers a truly immersive experience that is suitable for travellers of any age group. The focus on interactive experiences is what makes this exhibit so unique, with more than a thousand artefacts from both world wars, the Gulf War, Vietnam War, Korean War, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The exhibit includes sound and lighting effects to simulate the frontline, a WWII trench, scenes from Gallipoli, an Australian Light House and more. The kids can even dress up and jump into the photo booth located within a Willy’s jeep that’s mounted on the wall.

Henry Kendall Cottage and Historical Museum

Once the home of Henry Kendall – a pioneering poet, this cottage and historical museum is a five-time winner of the award for excellence in Tourism and Cultural Heritage on the Central Coast. The two-and-a-half-acre property displays some of the poet’s possessions along with vintage bottles, tools, farm machinery, typewriters and other memorabilia. Other rooms are furnished to replicate a traditional cottage, and the pleasant grounds are complete with picnic tables and a BBQ.