Top 5 Memorable Selfie Spots Around Australia

If you are someone who simply cannot resist clicking a good selfie when you travel, Australia is home to some of the most exciting spots to get that perfect shot to send to your friends and family. 

The Mysterious Pink waters of Lake Hillier

Take a selfie with your travel group against the backdrop of the stupefying pink waters of Lake Hillier. This 600 meter long water body is hemmed in by sand and lush woodland of eucalyptus and paperbark trees. Scientists believe the color of this lake comes from a dye that is created by the bacteria living in the salt crusts of this lake. 

The 12 Apostles and the Great Ocean Road

The collection of limestone stacks off the shore of the Port Campbell National Park makes for the perfect setting for the perfect selfie. Opt for Hertz car hire in Australia and enjoy a memorable drive along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia. Stop by some of the magnificent vistas to capture the beauty and experiment with your best selfie angles. 

A Selfie with a Kangaroo

Australia is known for its rather unique animal life and ecosystem that does not exist anywhere else in the world. If you happen to be exploring the country, you want to make time for Kangaroo Island where you can watch these hoppers in their natural habitat. Also, wouldn’t it just be perfect to be able to capture a perfect selfie and have a Kangaroo peeking in the background? 

In Front of the Exquisite Uluru

This massive sandstone monolith located west of the Simpson Desert, not too far from the ‘Red Centre’ of Australia, makes for a picturesque setting for your selfie. Believed to be nearly 700 million years old, this plateau-like formation in the backdrop of your picture is sure to get hundreds of “likes” for you online! 

On Top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge

If adventure runs in your blood, you must make sure you book yourself for a Sydney Harbor Bridge climb tour. The three hour journey to the top is definitely worth the effort if you are able to click a quick selfie of yourself along with your fellow climbers, with the Sydney Harbor and the breathtaking skyline forming the backdrop.


That said, Australia has some of the most incredible urban as well as natural marvels, at every turn, that compel you to keep your smart phone camera handy at all times.