Top Summer Destinations: Wilsons Promontory, VIC

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by Hertz AU - 05 December 2017

Looking for a long weekend getaway? Hidden gems of Australia? Wilsons Promontory is one of the top destinations to travel to this summer season. Whether you’re looking for leisurely beach hangs, remote hiking destinations, or a unique beachside campsite, Wilsons Prom is a peninsula that remains relatively untouched, yet accessible to outsiders. Take a look at some of the best hiking trails, lookouts, and secluded journeys we recommend.

Best Hiking Trails

Check out some of the best and most famous hiking trails throughout Wilsons Prom. Many of these are popular day trips frequented by the traveling community and families alike.

Norman Beach – Tidal Overlook – Squeaky Beach – Picnic Beach
This walk/hike takes about three hours to complete and is an easy to medium level of difficulty. Hitting four beaches in a row, this hike will take you on a journey through land and sea. The path weaves in and out of dirt trails and beach walking, allowing visitors to appreciate various landscapes along the coast. This excursion is about 6km long and has a car park available.
*If you want to take this hike a bit further, you can walk from Picnic Bay to Whisky Beach (about 20 minutes). This gives Wilsons Prom the chance to brag about its coastal views a bit more.

Mount Oberon Summit
Be prepared for breathtaking views from the top of Mount Oberon. This hike follows a 3.4km path the whole way up the summit at an incline. The climb is steep in places, including steps and compacted gravel. Once reaching the top, you are met with a picture perfect location for your camera’s panorama settings or ‘wide view’ on the GoPro. This hike should take about an hour. Parking is available halfway up Mt Oberon at the Telegraph Saddle car park.

Darby River – Fairy Cove – Tongue Point – Darby Saddle
A moderate to hard walk due to distance, this four piece hike can begin at either end (Darby River or Darby Saddle). One way, the walk is 9.4km and takes about 3-3.5 hours depending on one’s fitness level. Individuals or travel groups can also split this walk up into shorter versions, such as Darby River to Fairy Cove to Tongue Point, or Darby Saddle to Tongue point, etc. This trek proves to be a peaceful exploration, as you won’t encounter many groups throughout the hike.
*Close to Darby Saddle,Sparkes Lookout is only 2.1 km away if travellers are keen to add another stop for an optimal vantage point. 

Millers Landing
Millers Landing Nature Walk is located on the east side of the Wilsons Prom entrance. This is a short and easy 2.5km walk to a charming landing and inlet. To top it off, Millers Landing is home to the southernmost mangroves on the planet. A casual stroll to see the unique vegetation is time well spent. Five Mile Car Park is easily accessible.

Tidal Overlook Walk
This short 2km walk is the highest peak between Norman and Leonard Bays. It’s great for those staying in the main location of attraction near Norman Beach and Tidal River. With plenty of side tracks, another path leads to a quiet space commemorating rangers who have lost their lives in the line of duty.
*Explorers can also adventure to the Tidal Overlook Circuit, which is different than the walk to the Tidal Overlook itself. The circuit is about 4km (and about 1.5 hours walk), which loops around Norman and Leonard Bays,linkingtotheLillyPilly track.AtLillyPilly Gully,experiencearainforest-likeclimatewithinWilsons Prom and an abundance of wildlife.

Digging Deeper

These hikes are not for the faint hearted, and would suit explorers who are staying for 2+ days throughout the Peninsula.

Tin Mine Cove
This area is one of the most remote camping locations within Wilsons Prom. Tin Mine Cove is a historic spot situated in the wilderness zone. To get to this destination, be prepared for a difficult 11km journey from Lower Barry Creek. The trek is physically challenging and requires a wetpack in the event of high tides. Plan accordingly. You’ll be sure to see plenty of wildlife such as wombats and Koalas. Beware, as water can be scarce in this region and fires are prohibited. Boat-based camping is available.

Five Mile Road
Miranda Creek Off of Five Mile Road’s well-worn track, you’ll find Five Mile Campground on the Northeast side of Wilsons Prom. This campground is on the banks of Miranda Creek, about 17km from the Five Mile carpark. Travellers can adventure north from Miranda Creek, passing by Miranda Bay and ending another leg of their journey at Johnny Souey cove. This is only a 3.2km hike into the wilderness along the northeast coast. Look no further for the path less travelled.

Sealers Cove
Venturing away from the “hustle and bustle” by Tidal River, hike 10km east from Telegraph Saddle to find Sealers Cove, a coveted paradise. Explorers also have the option to embark upon an overnight expedition. As one of the popular long hikes, you’ll be met with other outdoorsmen and women along the way. Your journey will take 3-3.5 hours one way, with the option to camp overnight and venture onwards the next day. With mountains in the distance and crystal blue water on the coast, the reward is worth the effort.

Refuge Cove
From Sealers Cove make your way south towards Refuge Cove. Embodying a mythical lagoon, this enclave isn’t one to miss. Close to the water and lush vegetation in abundance, Refuge Cove is secluded on the east side of Wilsons Prom. Travel 6.1km south along a coastal trail from Sealers Cove to reach Refuge Cove and its campground. What you’ll get? Views, views, views. Stay in the hikers camp (or the boaties camp if you’re sailing around).

Waterloo Bay
Take your voyage even further south to Little Waterloo Bay. A little bit of this, a little bit of that – the journey starts off on a windy road through the woods, but sneaks out onto the coast after the first couple kilometres. Only 7K in length and about a two hour hike, hit the third bay in tandem with Sealers Cove and Refuge Cove. Whether you travel these from North to South or vice versa, travellers won’t be disappointed by the serenity awaiting.
*There is an option to travel to Refuge Cove from Telegraph Saddle. The excursion is 19km long, winding through the forest and North through Waterloo Bay.

Camera Ready

• Vereker Outlook: Northern part of Wilsons Prom, nearby Millers Landing off of Five Mile Road
• Pillar Point: A hike to the top between Norman and Leonard Bays, this is the tip of a small Peninsula off of Wilsons Prom
• South Point: A view a bit off the beaten path on the southern tip of Wilsons Prom near Roaring Meg campground

En Route

On your way down to the heart of Wilsons Prom, it's best to be prepared for the basics: food, toiletries, survival gear, etc. If you're heading down to Wilsons Prom for more than a few days, it's worth stopping at Cape Liptrap and Sandy Point for Leisurely activities and refuelling. 

Sandy Point is a popular surfing hub, while Walkerville along Cape Liptrap is an excellent fishing stop and home to the infamous lime kilns – not to mention a scenic lighthouse. The Cape Liptrap Coastal Walk in total is 20K, but has accessible areas allowing passers-by to pick and choose sections to visit by car.

The Big Drift is a series of sand dunes inland from the coast. Only a 25 minutes drive from Sandy Point (and at the mouth of the Wilsons Prom proper), transport yourself to what seems like a different planet. With ongoing sand ridges sweeping themselves across the horizon, travellers should be mindful to mark their trail appropriately.

All of these locations are handy for stopping to grab gear or a bite to eat. Paradise Point Café, Yannakie General Store, and Wilsons Prom Café and Pizza are just a few to discover.

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