Top Ten Tips for the Ultimate Road Trip

The road trip is iconic for a reason – there’s simply no better way to really get to know a landscape than to hit the road and get exploring. These tips will help you make the most of it.

Choose your companions carefully

Make sure you’re all on board with an agreement about the speed you want to travel at, the kinds of stuff you want to do, the places you’ll be staying – some frank discussions beforehand to weed out any mistaken assumptions can solve problems when you’re on the road.

Early to Bed and Early to rise

Sure, a sleep in is a holiday staple but if you’re willing to flip the script, you’ll reap the benefits. Watching the sunrise over a new vista is always a breathtaking experience and the earlier you can get on the road, the better the traffic is going to be. Find your new resting spot by sunset and you’ll have time to really relax and plan the next day’s adventure.

Tech Check

Work out what you’re taking – and make sure you have car-chargers and the right adaptors for it all. Loading up your tablet with some movies and other entertainment that doesn’t require a data connection will keep the back seat passengers happy, too.

Tunes on Lock

A collaborative playlist on Spotify can go a long way to creating harmony – nothing wrecks a road trip like people griping over the soundtrack. Give everyone a couple of free passes to delete something they find particularly obnoxious off the list too and you’ll end up with a playlist that everyone can enjoy.

Plan for Serendipity

It’s the happenstance that can really make a road trip – maybe there’s a local market or festival on, or you see a sign for a local attraction you didn’t know existed. If there’s room in your itinerary to go with the flow you will have a far more pleasant time of things than if you’re sticking to a rigid schedule.

Trust the local guide

Take the time to say hello and when you’re in doubt about where to eat or what to do – ask a local. They always know the best spots and there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself away from the other tourists doing something truly unforgettable.

The road less travelled

In the modern era of GPS maps, you can always find the quickest route between two points but on a road trip, that’s not always the point. Make your escape from the majority following the map’s preferred routing and take a more scenic route – you’re bound to make some interesting discoveries.

Pack the camping gear

Not all of it, unless camping is your jam, but a pop tent and some sleeping bags can give you the opportunity for a night under the stars when the weather is right, making for an unforgettable experience.

Paper Maps

So old-school, but investing a few dollars in a road map can be a real lifesaver if your phone gets lost or broken, and an actual paper map is enough of a novelty to be really entertaining to younger passengers – following the route on a paper map is heaps of fun and won’t drain any battery power.

It’s about the journey, not the destination

A classic road trip error is trying to cover too much ground. Tackle things at a slower pace – it’s less stressful, and there’s more opportunity to really explore where you’re going when you forgo the extra distance for extra experiences. Do less, better, should be your motto.