Wildlife Adventures in Townsville

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by Hertz AU - 03 August 2017

Experience the best of North Queensland’s fauna and flora with thesefamily friendly wildlife adventures. There’s a wide range of places where you can get a better understanding of the fascinating plants and creatures that make Australia and North Queensland so special.

Reef HQ

With the world’s largest living coral reef aquarium, this is a fantastic place to see the inhabitants of the world famous Great Barrier Reef without getting your feet wet. As one of the richest, most complex and diverse ecosystems in the world, there are thousands of charismatic marine creatures to meet here. Take a tour of the Turtle Hospital while you’re visiting; it is engaged in lifesaving work rescuing and rehabilitating many kinds of amazing sea turtles.

Museum of Tropical Queensland

On the banks of Ross Creek, this fascinating Museum interprets the cultural and natural heritage of Tropical Queensland. Learn all about the HMS Pandora, sent to catch the famous Bounty and her mutinous crew, and fire a real cannon in an unforgettable experience. Visit the Enchanted Rainforest and get to know the creatures and plants while enjoying a fantastic playground. Marvel at the dinosaur exhibits and check out the visiting displays from museums around the world.

Billabong Sanctuary

Showcasing the unique wildlife of Australia, this zoo is right in the middle of Townsville. There are amazing hands-on experiences to be had here – cuddle a koala or a wombat, pat a kangaroo and a dingo, and get up close with snakes, lizards and crocs.

The Palmetum

There’s more than 300 species of palms in the gardens here, and the local birds will entertain you as you wander through the beautiful gardens. A great place to let the kids run around and enjoy a picnic lunch.