Your Guide to El Questro Wilderness Park, Western Australia

The vast expanse ofElQuestro Wilderness Park is something to behold. At almost 1,000,000 acres, it’s 1.7 times the size of the UK and almost 10 times the size of Switzerland. It’s a boundless wilderness, home to all manner of landscapes and a plethora of native flora and fauna.

The Park is as beautiful as it is large. You could travel it for a year and still not come close to experiencing everything it has to offer. At El Questro, you can choose to explore it independently via walking trails or join one of the guided tours that will take you to the far reaches of the park.

Whether you fancy heading on a fishing trip, a horse riding adventure, or getting to grips with some rugged four-wheel-driving, you can do it all in El Questro Wilderness Park.

The Chamberlain Gorge Cruise

Chamberlain Gorge is a great place to begin exploring El Questro. The tour takes you down the gorge at a nice, relaxing pace. When onboard, you can enjoy a refreshing drink and gaze out at the stunning landscape and its diverse flora and fauna. You’ll get the chance to see rock wallabies, freshwater crocodiles, and the amazing archerfish that inhabit the gorge.

El Questro Gorge Full-Day Adventure

This full-day adventure shows you some of the highlights of El Questro, beginning with a guided hike to the halfway pool of El Questro Gorge where you can enjoy a relaxing soak in the thermal waters of Zebedee Springs. After, you’ll stop for lunch and enjoy some of the area’s best produce at the El Questro Station Steakhouse. In the afternoon, you’ll cruise down the river through the Chamberlain Gorge where there’s nothing to do but sit back, take in the views, and enjoy a cold drink.

4WD Historic Circuit of Cockburn Range

Before the Gibb River Road was completed, the Karunjie Track was the main thoroughfare connecting Derby to Wyndham. Back then, drovers would bring thousands of cattle along the track to the Wyndham Meatworks. Today, the track still remains as it once was – wild, rocky, bumpy and challenging. Now, however, you can experience the terrain and landscape for yourself by taking a 4WD tour that circumnavigates the Cockburn Range and takes in the highlights of El Questro’s Northern section.

The Station at El Questro

The Station acts as the main hub of El Questro. If you’re travelling as a family, it’s a great option as it caters excellently for kids and adults alike. Located beside the Pentecost River, The Station is a lively spot where you can spend time relaxing and enjoying the company of other travellers. There’s also the Swinging Arm Bar, which is an ideal spot to grab a cold one when you’re winding down for the evening.

The Station is the perfect place for a good old fashioned family holiday. There’s a crocodile-free, safe swimming hole on-site that will keep the kids entertained, with plenty of wild animals to spot off in the distance.

In the evening, the Steakhouse Restaurant offers excellent dining with plenty of succulent, locally produced beef on offer, as well as freshly caught barramundi. And all of this can be washed down with some of Western Australia’s award-winning wines.

El Questro Wilderness Park has everything you could want in an Aussie holiday. Start planning your adventure today.