Your Guide to Montague Island, New South Wales

Montague Island is a nature reserve located off the far south coast of New South Wales. It’s a unique place, well-loved for the rolling green hills, iconic lighthouse and the pristine waters that surround it.

It’s an outdoor wonderland, with an abundance of wildlife and untouched landscape waiting to be enjoyed. Visitors come here to spot whales, seals, little penguins, as well as the many native bird species that call the island home.

At just nine kilometres off the coast of NSW, the island is easily accessible, taking only 20 minutes to reach by boat from the town of Narooma.

Marvel at the Marine Life

A day trip to Montague Island presents a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the island’s marine life. From spotting fur seals in their natural habitat to snorkelling or diving, Montage Island offers exceptional wildlife experiences and many different tours to choose from. In springtime (September-November), colonies of fur seals make Montague Island home and can be seen lazing on the rocks from time to time. There’s also a really high chance of spotting whales and dolphins. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled.

Take a Guided Tour

Montague Island has a fascinating history and visitors can do tours to find out more about its past its link to Indigenous Australians. Known as ‘Barungaba’ to the first inhabitants,theYuin people, Montague Island is of great significance to Indigenous people, with important sites dotted across the island.

A guided tour will also show visitors all the amazing wildlife that the island has on offer, including the largest colony of little penguins in New South Wales. There are also 15 other species of birds that have made this unique island environment their home. Bird watching enthusiasts can also observe birds of prey such as raptors and sea eagles as they glide through the skies overhead stalking their prey below.

Reef and Game Fishing

The waters around Montague Island are a fishing enthusiasts paradise, with charters that cater to those interested in regular fishing, as well as those keen on game fishing. Book a trip with Montague Island Game Sport for the ultimate experience of fishing for marlin, yellowfin tuna and kingfish.

Enjoy an Unusual Night’s Stay

If you feel like staying the night on Montague Island, there are some excellent and unusual accommodation options. Visitors to the island can enjoy a night’s stay on the grounds of the island’s famous lighthouse, in either the Head Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage or the Assistant Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage. Both offer sweeping ocean views and all the home comforts you could want for.

The lighthouse itself is a significant historical landmark and has remained largely unchanged since it was first built in 1881. Build from granite, this mammoth structure is a testament to Victorian design. Take a tour and climb the winding staircase to the top where you’ll be treated to 360-degree views of the island.

If you fancy staying the night, make sure to book ahead. Boat transport and a two and a half hour tour are included in the accommodation price.