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12 Oct

A Food Lover’s Guide to the Best Culinary Experiences in and Around Sydney byHertz AU

Food Lover’s Guide - Culinary Experiences in and Around Sydney banner

If culinary experiences are an important element of your travel plans, your upcoming trip to Sydney is sure to turn out into a fabulous experience. The Sydney Morning Herald recently announced the winners of the Good Food Guide 2016 awards where some of the most renowned chefs and charming cafés, restaurants and bars of the city competed to earn the coveted chef’s hats.

Dining at the Good Food Guide 2016 Restaurant of the Year

Make reservations at the Bridge Room to try out preparations by one of the brightest chefs in the country, Ross Lusted. This restaurant offers to its guests the finest examples of Art Deco architecture in Sydney, further enhancing the charm of dining here during your trip.

Unparalleled Finesse

Sepia, located on Sussex Street offers a carefully designed Japanese style menu in a quintessential art deco-style setting. One of the only 8 restaurants to have scored a 19/20 in the 31year-old history of the food guide, Sepia is especially known for its finesse and world class service.

The Good Food Month in Sydney

October also marks the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Month. Promising an ultimate dining experience, visitors and locals will be able to enjoy a number of dinner and lunch events along with dessert tastings, wine tastings, food art displays and workshops. Featuring culinary experts such as Chris Ying, Jonathon Gold, Ivan Orkin, Dan Lepard and Andy Bowden, October is truly a treat for the food lover.


Beyond the city limits in various parts of New South Wales, it’s a good idea to use Hertz car hire services from Sydney to go meet wine makers around the region, enjoy a five-course tasting menu at Darleys Restaurant that showcases local and regional foods, or savor a slow kiln-roasted suckling pig at Bistro Niagara.


Finally, make it a point to go to the Bowral Long Lunch on October 18th where you will be seated on a long table with about 300 other diners, showing their support for the local youth mental health outreach program, while top local chefs prepare a three-course meal from produce contributed by the locals.


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