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02 Dec

Adelaide, Australia: More Than Just A Wine Capital byHertz AU

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Adelaide, Australia is famous among wine lovers across the globe. However, if you think that it’s just famous for wines, then you’ll miss out a lot of things. Yes, you might ask yourself, “What are the best places to visit in Adelaide?” To answer your question, bear in mind that the said city is also abundant in stunning beaches, beautiful museums, and awe-inspiring conservation parks.

Adelaide Beaches

If you are longing for lots of rest and relaxation that includes peaceful sunsets and calm waters, then Adelaide is perfect for you. It is filled with white-sand beaches where you can sunbathe by the beach, go dolphin watching, visit pristine reefs, and enjoy sumptuous food, among others. The list of beaches that should be included in your travel itinerary includes Henley, Glenelg, Maslin, and Moana.

The South Australian Maritime Museum

If you want to experience Australian culture, then you should visit the South Australian Maritime Museum. It is one of the most-visited museums in the country and it exhibits the city’s serious dedication to the sea-faring culture. Furthermore, it contains some of the country’s oldest maritime collection—some of which—are over 150 years old.


Here’s a little history lesson for you: in the 19th century, immigrants from England, Scotland, Germany, Wales, China, and other countries flocked to Australia. Some of the ships that they used in their journey can be found in the South Australian Maritime Museum.


By visiting the museum and looking at their dedicated display of antique ships, you can somehow experience the cramped conditions that the immigrants had to endure to reach their destination.

Naracoorte Caves Conservation Park

After visiting the South Australian Museum, you might want to consider going to the Naracoorte Conservation Park. It is home to 26 caves, but only five of them are open for tourists. Getting there is easy because it only takes a couple of minutes of land travel.


You’ll love this place, especially if you’re the adventurous type since tour packages include challenging underground expeditions. Be careful though because you might encounter a couple of bent-winged bats while at it.


Adelaide, Australia is the place to be if you want to unwind, relax, and go sightseeing. You can fully enjoy your stay if you’ll hire the services of Adelaide Airport Car Rental. In addition to travelling with style, you can rest assured that you’ll arrive at the destination of your choice in the safest and easiest way possible.


How about your expenses? Don’t worry about a thing because even though the services that car rental companies offer are unsurpassed, the fees that they charge are very minimal. As such, you can save up cash for accommodation, food, and other travel expenses.


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