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15 Jan

Adelaide Car Hire: Neat, Sophisticated, and Cultured byHertz AU

Adelaide Car Hire: Neat, Sophisticated, and Cultured banner

Neat, sophisticated, and cultured—these are the things—that best describe Adelaide, Australia. Putting these factors into consideration, it can be said that it is the place to be if you want to enjoy a holiday break that is filled with endless sightseeing. Therefore, it should be on top of your list if you’re a savvy traveller who’s looking for something to spice up your vacation.


Before making any serious s decision, especially monetary ones, it would be best to first sign up for an Adelaide car hire service. This is nothing but a good move because it can help you enjoy your vacation in the most convenient and luxurious way possible. This is most true if you’ll go for a luxury vehicle in the mold of a BMW or a Lexus.


With regards to this, it would be best also if you’ll familiarize yourself with Australian traffic rules and laws before flying over so as to make sure that you’ll have a vacation that is one for the books. Those that you shouldn’t neglect are elaborated in detail below.

Driving on the left lane

Year in and year out, a significant number of foreign drivers get injured because of failing to comply with this guideline, particularly those who are in windy and isolated roads. One simple tip to avoid unwanted circumstances from happening is to make sure make sure to drive close to the middle of the road.

Use of foreign license

As a foreign tourist, you can use a foreign license for a maximum of three months, but make sure that it will be in English and has a photo. If your driver’s license is on a different language, make sure to apply for an International Drivers Permit (IDP) before flying over. Also, if it does not have a photo, make sure to always bring additional documents that carry a photo such as a passport.

Traffic signals

Traffic signals are pretty much the same as in other countries, one key difference is: it is illegal to do a “left turn” on a red traffic signal. Also, in some states, it is against the low to do a “U-turn” at a traffic signal unless mandated by law.  With regards to two-way stops, you must do a complete stop so as to give way to incoming traffic.


Achieving a neat, sophisticated, grandiose, as well as cultured Adelaide vacation is easy if you’ll avail an Hertz Adelaide car hire vehicle and familiarize yourself with the traffic rules that were stated above.  And with service providers that offer prestigious vehicles like “BMWs and Lexuses,” you can take luxury and convenience to a whole new level.


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