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03 Dec

Adelaide Travel: A Look At Australia’s Alluring Tourist Destinations byHertz AU

Adelaide Travel: A Look At Australia’s Alluring Tourist Destinations banner

Australia is a leading travel destination because of its natural beauties, vibrant cities, white sand beaches, and awe-inspiring forests, among others. If you’re contemplating of visiting this beautiful country, it would be best to go to Adelaide, Australia—one of the largest cities—in the Land Down Under. Its tourist destinations are just alluring and your stay will be something that is worth remembering.


Among the city’s most sought after tourist destinations are the Adelaide Zoo, Mount Lofty, Botanic Gardens, and Glenelg Beach. Read on and find out why the said attractions are included in the Adelaide travel plans of many tourists from all over the world.

Adelaide Zoo

Adelaide Zoo is the second largest zoo in all of New Zealand and home to close to 2000 animals. In this zoo, you’ll see native rainforest birds, chimpanzees, Sumatran tigers, and Australia’s very own red panda and yellow-footed rock wallaby.

Mount Lofty

Located about 10 miles from the east center of Adelaide, it is the place to be if you want to experience the beauty of nature. As soon as you reach the summit, you’ll enjoy magnificent mountain views that are unlike any other. If you think you’ll gas out before you reach the summit, you can always checkout the Chambers Gully or Waterfall Gully in the Cleland Conservation park since their trails are a lot suitable for non-hikers. 

Botanic Gardens

An elegant garden that is filled with giant water lilies and beautiful flowers, Adelaide’s Botanic Gardens is another place that exhibits Australia’s natural wonders. They are fully maintained by the government and there are plenty of spots where you can sit and relax. Also within the gardens is a wine center that showcases Australia rich wine culture.

Glenelg Beach

Located just six miles from the city center, Glenelg Beach is a beautiful tourist destination that is known for its crystal clear waters and white sand shores. You will be entertained by its abundance of seals, dolphins, and pelicans, among others. It is also home to countless restaurants, hotels, and other establishments.


Adelaide, Australia is a beautiful, vibrant, and bright city that is perfect if you want something that is out of the ordinary. There are just so many things that you can do in the said vacation spot and whatever it is, it is definitely something that will excite you and brighten your holiday break. Ensure to include Adelaide car hire to make it more convenient.


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