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20 Aug

Brisbane Car Rental: Frequently Asked Questions Answered byHertz AU

Brisbane Car Rental: Frequently Asked Questions Answered banner

When travelling in Brisbane, Australia, having a Brisbane car rental vehicle that you can use as your own is an absolute necessity. Even though the said city has an exceptional public transportation system, nothing beats the convenience as well as the comfort that the said transportation option brings.


On the other hand, it should be noted that Brisbane car rental service is not cheap and because of this, many clients feel may feel ripped off if they opt for it. It should be remembered that is not the case because no matter how Hertz Brisbane car rental and other companies want to cut down their rental fees, they just can’t do so because they also need to earn profit. To understand this, you can acquaint yourself on some of the most frequently asked questions regarding rental charges.


Question: Why is there a charge for an extra/full day or additional hours?


Answer: The minimum car rental charge is for one whole rental day which is a full 24-hour period starting at the moment the rental period begins.


The additional hours are reflected on the rental record and are charged for each partial or full hour in excess of a full rental day.  The said hours are also charged if the car, SUV, van, or truck is returned after the grace period of 30 minutes Furthermore, extra hours are charged until they eclipse the extra day rate that is noted on the rental record where in the extra day rate will be used.


Question: Why are there charges of miles driven, but they were not quoted during the reservation period.


Answer: If the rental vehicle is returned to a different location destination than the one that is indicated in your rental record, a mileage fee may be applied because the agreed terms and conditions were not followed.


In addition to this, some rate options which includes a couple of corporate packages have strict limitations with regards to the number of miles that can be covered without employing the per mile charge. The data is shown on the rental record and the rate that was quoted when the reservation was made.

Brisbane Car Rental: Summing up

Hertz Brisbane car rental and other reputable car rental service providers make it a point to help individuals who need to have access to a vehicle that they can use as their own without ruining their budget.


To understand this matter, it would be best to do a little research with regards to extra charges and reading this article is a good start because it explains why certain fees are charged as such.


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