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17 Jan

Brisbane Travel: A Fantastic Beach Paradise byHertz AU

Brisbane Travel: A Fantastic Beach Paradise banner

If you love the summer season and white-sand beaches, then you’ll definitely love Brisbane! A city that is well-known for its alluring combination of metropolitan living and awe-inspiring waterfronts.


In fact, it is one of the most popular beach paradise nowadays. So, if you’re longing for a summer vacation that is very different from the ones that you’ve experienced, then a trip to Brisbane, Australia should be on top of your holiday plans.


What should you expect in Brisbane travel? Well, it’s really hard to explain on writing that’s why, you should visit it yourself so you know how great its exotic beaches are. Some of the best beaches that you shouldn’t miss while there are as follows:


If you prefer a more laidback and calmer beach atmosphere, then you can travel north to Mooloolaba, a beautiful beach that is known for its azure waters and beautiful white sands. Don’t worry about your safety because the waves in the area are not that big and it is regularly patrolled by professional lifeguards.


So, if you’re up from some easy-going time under the sun—Mooloolaba—is the place to be.

Burleigh Heads

Escape the stress of everyday life and visit the surfer’s paradise of Burleigh Heads. With exceptional surf spots and excellent wave and wind conditions, the said beach is perfect for you if you want to surf till you drop!


Like other beaches in Brisbane, Burleigh Heads is watched by professional lifeguards; as such, you don’t have to worry about your safety and welfare. It is also a couple of steps away from restaurants, cafes, shops, and other commercial establishments.


For a little something that is outside the ordinary, you can visit the Tangalooma Beach. What makes this tourist spot special? Well, it’s very prominent for its dolphin feeding tours. Watch dolphins swim around and perform tricks until it’s feeding time. Tangalooma also offers a wide array of activities such snorkelling, jet skiing, and parasailing.


Simply put, Brisbane’s beaches are just world-class. This is the reason why it is flocked by tourists from all over the world. If you want to experience a one of a kind beach vacation, fix your luggage, book your hotel reservation, coordinate with a Brisbane airport car rental company, and fly over to the land down under.


Don’t forget to take note of the third one, because it is an important aspect of achieving the beach vacation of your life. It can add a sense of style and convenience to your trip; plus, you don’t have to fuss about time constraints each time you travel.


So, what are you waiting for? Check out the Internet for a reputable Brisbane airport car rental provider and inquire of the rates. You’ll need to exert a little effort in the process, but the advantages that you’ll gain afterwards will be fantastic!


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