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11 Dec

Darwin Australia: Everything You Need For An Exiting Family Vacation byHertz AU

Darwin Australia: Everything You Need For An Exiting Family Vacation banner

Planning a holiday break with your family can be very a challenging task since you need to consider each and everyone’s personality when looking for a vacation spot. If you are still contemplating where to spend your holiday break, worry no more because there is a place in the land down under that can help you have the family vacation of your life.


Darwin, Australia is world-famous for its exotic outdoor activities, scenic views, and rich cultural heritage. You’ll certainly find something that you and your family can agree on and eventually love. What are the best vacation ideas in Darwin? Some of them are explained below.

Barramundi Fishing at Cullen Bay Marina

Barramundis are delicious white fish that are easy to cook. However, they also happen to be fighting sports fish that are difficult to catch. If you and your family are looking for a great bonding activity that can instill the importance of teamwork, then barramundi fishing at Cullen Bay Marina is just the thing for you.

Bird watching

Darwin City is surrounded by unspoiled areas which makes it a birdwatcher’s haven. You can check out the nearby forests or savannah woodlands and take photos of endangered birds that can only be found in Australia. There are over 200 bird species that live in Darwin and your kids will love them so don’t forget to bring your camera if your trip pushes through.

Crocodile watching

Yes, there is such a thing as crocodile watching and Darwin, Australia does it better than any of them.


Crocosaurus Cove,a theme park that is located in the city capital allows visitors to experience up close views of Australia’s iconic saltwater reptiles through their cage of death—a sturdy transparent cage—that is lowered into a man-made lake that is filled with (you guessed it!) crocodiles! Don’t miss this one of a kind experience that you and your family will certainly love.

Summing up

You can say that everything you need to achieve an exciting family vacation can be found in Darwin, Australia. Before finalizing your vacation plans, don’t forget to include hiring the services of a reputable Darwin airport car rental in your itinerary.


Take note that if you don’t have your car with you, the only way to get around the city is via public transport. You and your family wouldn’t want to transfer from one bus to another because this is just so inconvenient. This is the reason why opting for an airport car rental is the best thing that you can do.


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