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22 Aug

Darwin Car Rental: Common Questions Answered byHertz AU

Darwin Car Rental: Common Questions Answered banner

When heading to Darwin, Australia for a vacation or business trip, make sure to include Darwin car rental in your travel plans. This particular service can make life easier for you and help you make the most of your trip.


Bear in mind, however, that when you sign up for the said service, you’re shelling out money for packages that include taxes, insurance fees, fuel expenses, airport costs, etc. These charges and fees may vary depending on the company that you’ll choose. If you want to avail a car rental package that is well worth your time, money, and effort, it would be best to go for Hertz Darwin car rental.


To understand the fees that they charge, it would be best to familiarize yourself with some questions regarding the fees that they charge.

What is an intercity fee?

An intercity fee is a flat rate that is charged on top of the per day rental cost for one way rentals or vehicles that are not returned to the pickup location. If you prefer to return your rental vehicle to a different location other than the one that is indicated in your contract, you need to pay the appropriate intercity fee.


This covers the administrative costs that are accumulated when your rental vehicle is returned outside the premises of the agreed destination.

Why is there a charge for a vehicle upgrade?

An upgrade fee is necessary if you agree to an extra per day charge to avail rental vehicle from a different class that is upgraded than the class that you reserved. Your agreement for a vehicle upgrade will reflect on your rental record.

Coupons are not regularly applied when booking a reservation. Why?

In general, only one promo coupon can be utilized per rental and it should be presented during the actual rental time. Also, the promo code needs to be referenced when making a reservation. To know more about this, it would be best if you’ll carefully review the terms and conditions of the coupon that you’ll use.

Darwin Car Rental: Conclusion

It should be noted that Hertz Darwin car rental and other service providers in the area charge appropriate rates that are ethically and legally permitted. Rest assured also that it is not the intention of the said company to rip off its clients but to present different car rental packages that are specifically tailored to complement different budget types.


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