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18 Jan

Darwin Travel Tips: Being Extra Careful When Driving The Outdoors byHertz AU

Darwin Travel Tips: Being Extra Careful When Driving The Outdoors banner

Heard so many exciting things about Darwin travel tips and you want to find out yourself what the fuss is all about? Then you should sign up for a Darwin vacation tour on your next holiday break. Known as the outback capital of the “Land Down Under,” it is the place to be for those who want to achieve an outdoor adventure that is just off the charts when it comes to character and uniqueness.


To make the most of it and discover its rich natural treasures, it would be best to go on a road trip. Worried if your vehicle will withstand its harsh and rugged terrains? Don’t be, because you can always turn to a reliable Darwin car rental service provider that includes tough 4×4’s in their arsenal. However, despite this advantage, it would be best to be mindful of a couple of driving tips. Some of which are elaborated below.

Practice extreme caution

Bear in mind that driving in the outback is very different than cruising in the city. For instance, soft edges as well as potholes are quite prevalent in Darwin; failure to notice them may lead to accidents that may cause serious injuries, especially if you are over speeding since they may cause your 4×4 to flip upside down.


Also, watch out for wandering animals that may find themselves on the road. Because of the city’s rich wildlife you may come across koalas, coyotes, sheep, among other animals when driving. So, be on the look out for them and practice extreme caution when driving. This is most true when driving at nighttime.

Be on the look out for road trains

Road trains are considered as kings of the outback. These 36.5 meter long and 50 meter wide vehicles are, say, integral parts of Darwin’s outback, so better go as far to the left as you can whenever you come across one of these humongous vehicles. It would be much better if you’ll just stop and wait for it to pass since you might not see it when driving because of the fury of dust that you might encounter along the way.


This might test your patience, but this way better than encountering an accident during your outback trip. Just be careful when passing road trains; this can go a very long way when driving in Darwin.


In the end, exploring Darwin, Australia’s outback capital is perfect if you’re an outgoing individual who just wants to satisfy his/her thirst for all-out adventure. On the other hand, reserve a Hertz Darwin car rental vehicle that will enable you to trump the city’s challenging routes so as to make the most of your trip.


On the other hand, don’t be too complacent and practice the precautionary measures that were elaborated above. Remember, you can never be too careful in a captivating, yet challenging outdoor destination like Darwin.


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