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20 Aug

Enjoy Your Gold Coast Family Vacation byHertz AU

Enjoy Your Gold Coast Family Vacation With Gold Coast Car Rental banner

A family vacation is one of the few things that many people look forward to after long months of work or a hectic school schedule. For some, planning this activity is a very challenging task because finding a place to visit can be very challenging.

It is a good thing though, that there is one place that you can visit if you want a family vacation that you’ll cherish for a long time. It is a coastal city in Australia called Gold Coast.

The tourist attractions in Gold Coast will certainly captivate you and bring smiles to your young one’s faces. This is because it boasts of lush nature spots, beautiful beaches, and world-class theme parks.

Tambourine Rain Forest Skywalk

This one of a kind eco-adventure place offers tourists like you a thrilling and exciting way to explore the Australian rainforest. It boasts of over 30 acres of privately owned land that sits just within the vicinity of Mt. Tamborine.

While there, you can enjoy short bush walks and camping tours that show the beauty of the rain forest, partake in a challenge high rope course, go horseback riding, and indulge in a myriad of other outdoor activities.

Surfers Paradise Beach

Surfers Paradise Beach is arguably Gold Coast’s most iconic coastal destination. This three-kilometre strip is a mecca for beach lovers who want to soak up the sun and (you guessed it) surf! If you and your young ones want to try this exciting beach activity, then Surfers Paradise is the place to be because there are areas that will compliment beginner or expert surfing skills.

Warner Brothers Movie World

If you’re travelling with kids, tell them to brace themselves because they’ll definitely have the time of their lives! While here, they can meet and greet their favourite Warner Brothers superheroes and experience top-notch adventure rides.

The kids can also experience the thrills and frills of exciting theme park rides like the Green Lantern Coaster, which happens to be one of the highlights of the place. The fun and excitement level that this ride offers is second to none! You and your young ones will experience a steep drop that will make you scream your hearts out.

Gold Coast Car Rental: Summing up

As you can see, Gold Coast, Australia is perfect if you want a family vacation that is one for the books because of the fun family-oriented attractions that it boasts of. To take the fun and convenience factor to whole new heights, you should include Gold Coast car rental in your travel plans.

This is one of the best things that you can do because it will enable you to travel all you want without the hustle and bustle of public transport. 

Since you’re travelling with your family, it would be best if you’ll opt for a van like a Toyota Hi-Ace. Such move is practical decision that is well-worth the investment because it provides ample space that will enable you and your loved ones to travel comfortably.

In the end, if you want a family vacation that is just one for the books, you should include Gold Coast car rental in your travel plans. Rest assured that this is a decision that you won’t regret.


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