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12 Feb

Have A Fun Family Vacation And Save Money With A Trip To Perth byHertz AU

Have A Fun Family Vacation And Save Money With A Trip To Perth banner

Are you in the hunt for a budget-friendly family vacation that will provide adventure, build memories, and make you feel relaxed? Well, why not book a trip to Perth, Australia? It is a picturesque as well as a welcoming city that is known for its beautiful beaches, great restaurants, friendly people, and exhilarating water sports, among others.


You can say that everything you need to have a grand time is in Perth. Whether you’re a beach lover, an outdoor enthusiast, or a history fanatic, this isolated city will fascinate you without ruining your budget. Take note though that there are certain attractions that you shouldn’t miss if ever your trip pushes through. Some of them are explained below.

Kings Park in Perth

Kings Park is basically the place to be if you’re an outdoor junkie who wants to experience the unadulterated beauty of nature. It is filled with native plants, mesmerizing waterfalls, calm streams, and is home to over a hundred species of birds. Kings Park overlooks the city; as such, you can enjoy stunning views that will blow your breath away. In addition, it has cozy picnic areas and a pleasant playground that kids will love.

Perth Swan River

The Swan River is another outdoor haven that you should visit if your trip to Perth pushes through. You can hike or bike the trails, have a picnic as you watch the sunset, or take its iconic river cruise tour. If you’re a thrill seeker who has a knack for adventure, you can try windsurfing, jet boating, parasailing, and other water sports.

Perth Caversham Wildlife Park

The Caversham Wildlife Park will enable you to take a closer look at native Australian animals like kangaroos, wombats, Tasmanian devils, and koalas, among others. This animal sanctuary is one of the most beautiful and most affordable places in the city; as such, you should include it your itinerary. Simply put, if you want your trip to Perth to be a memorable one, make sure that the Caversham Wildlife Park is in your list.

Trip to Perth: Conclusion

Bear in mind that family vacations don’t need to cost a lot to be worthwhile. If you want to achieve one, bear in mind that Perth is the place to be. In addition to beautiful attractions and top-notch landmarks, it offers exceptional accommodation that will certainly complement your preference.


However, if you want your trip to be more memorable and convenient, it would be best if you’ll invest in a Perth rental car. Many service providers in the area offer premium comfort and luxury rides to holidaymakers who want to achieve a hassle-free vacation since your convenience is their number one priority. Remember, the best way to travel around Perth is via rental cars so it would be best to invest in them.


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