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20 Oct

Hertz Adelaide Car Hire: Save More with Hertz byHertz AU

Hertz Adelaide Car Hire: Save More with Hertz banner

Flocked by countless tourists from all over the world, Adelaide is simply a natural beauty. It is filled with rolling hills, flowing rivers, green forests, and wild fauna and flora. To enjoy all of them, you should make it a point to include Hertz Adelaide car hire in your travel plans.


By doing so, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to explore the abovementioned treasures without any hassle. Plus, you get to save money along the way.

Why Hertz lets you save more

Hertz is a rental company that values professionalism, responsibility, innovation, diversity, and excellence. Guided by these values, their personnel make it a point to render expert service that will leave you satisfied and smiling. One way to achieve this is by offering discounts and rebates.


The best part? Discounts and rebates can be availed by both regular clients and first-time renters. To know the latest discount offers of Hertz Adelaide car hire, you can visit their website and check out the featured promotions page for more concrete details. Some of the offers that they feature are elaborated below.

Outback collection

One of their most popular discount offers is their 20% off outback collection. This is simply perfect if you are an adventurer who enjoys the exhilarating feeling that travelling brings.

Weekend discount

If you are a weekend traveler, the said company has something in store for you. For instance, you can gain about 15% discount if you book during Saturday or Sunday. Make sure to book early though because the slots are limited.

Frequent traveler package

For frequent travelers, you could earn points and rewards that you can redeem without the hassle. Called the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards, signing up can bring you the following benefits: fast track rental service, privileged treatment, dedicated and faster reservations and exclusive email offers. As you earn more points, you can save more money in the long run.


With all the discounts and rebates the company has to offer, you can enjoy traveling in Adelaide while enjoying big discounts. It gives you the opportunity to save more money so that you will be able to use it for your other expenses.

Hertz Adelaide Car Hire: Summary

So, if your Adelaide trip pushes through, make sure to include Hertz Adelaide car hire in your travel plans. This can help you enjoy your vacation and help you save a substantial amount along the way.


That’s value for money that you cannot get from other service providers no matter how hard you try.


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