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27 Aug

Hertz Adelaide Car Rental: Your Rental Fee Questions Answered byHertz AU

Hertz Adelaide Car Rental: Your Rental Fee Questions Answered banner

When travelling in Adelaide, Australia for a business or a recreational trip, having an Adelaide car rental vehicle is a little something that may come in handy if you want to make the most of it.


However, while each and every one of us long for a good deal, some may encounter deals that seem unfriendly. Before pushing the panic button, it would be best to do a little research with regards to this matter. This straightforward move can help you realize that you are indeed getting a good deal.


This is most true when it comes to Hertz Adelaide car rental packages. To fully understand what I’m saying, it would be best to read the succeeding paragraphs since it contains some of the most common questions regarding Hertz car rental packages.


Question: Why is the charge equivalent to a week of rental even though the vehicle was returned in less than one full week?

Answer: Hertz Car Rental weekly rates use 5, 6, 7 day rental periods are basis. For this reason, if a particular vehicle is rented for a period of 5 days or more, the rate will be automatically billed as a weekly package. However, take note that this is more economical that a daily package.


Question: Why is the weekend rate not offered in all the days rented?

Answer: In general, car rentals that are picked up on a Thursday (noon-time) and returned every Sunday (noon-time) are eligible for a weekend rate. On the other hand, there are exceptions when it comes to this stipulation.


For instance, rates may change because of the Saturday night rule. This means that extra day fees may be significantly higher than weekend rates which applies for any vehicle that is not returned on Monday. The specific rental terms would have specified when the rental vehicle was to be returned for the weekend rate to be applied.

Hertz Adelaide Car Rental: Summing up

In the end, reviewing the terms and conditions of distinguished Adelaide car rental companies is important so as to make sure that you’re getting the right deal. Bear in mind that there are certain exceptions that are legally justifiable and need to be imposed by Hertz and other car rental companies since they also need to make profit.


Rest assured that despite the said conditions which car rental service providers use, the charges that Hertz offers are still affordable and reasonably priced.


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