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27 Aug

Hertz Alice Springs Car Rental: Your Rental Fee Questions Answered byHertz AU

Hertz Alice Springs Car Rental: Your Rental Fee Questions Answered banner

Hertz Car Rental is one of the premier service providers in Alice Springs, Australia and their goal is to provide value for money car rental service without compromising comfort and convenience. Because of this, they charge certain fees that are necessary to provide these advantages. Sad to say, however, many people don’t understand certain fees and payables.


If you’re one of those who rant about the fees that Hertz Alice Springs car rental charges, it would be best to read this article to develop a clear understanding of what they are all about. Below is an inquiry that is a hot topic in the car rental sector.

Why is the rate on the reservation different than the rate on the rental record?

Bear in mind that the rate quoted during the time of reservation is only an approximate total of what you’re going to pay. Also, it does not include optional services and/or additional charges like fuel that accumulate on the duration of the rental.


Putting these factors into consideration, the rate may increase if the rental conditions change and the fee that was quoted during the time of the reservation may be different from the one that is presented in the rental record.


For instance, if the vehicle is returned to a different location than the one that is shown on your rental or reservation record, then the Intercity Rate, Intercity Fee (one-way drop charge), or mileage charge may be applied; as such, this will contribute to higher payables.


Take note also, that Hertz Alice Springs car rental does not allow the cancellation of Intercity Fee/Rate. Moreover, if the conditions are altered, the most economical rate that is available for new rental conditions are applied in the process.


Furthermore, a lot of times, the rate that was cited during the time of the reservation already includes discounts that may be applicable on the package that you signed up for. Take note also that your invoice will contain the discount and the quoted rate, but the net rate will not be changed.


With regards to the contract, bear in mind that it is not guaranteed. Considering that, if the contract rate was applied, the rate that is in effect on the day of your actual rental period will be used. Therefore, the rental rate will be different than what was shown during the reservation period.

Hertz Alice Springs Car Rental: Summing up

There you have it, an explanation why the rental fee that is offered during the reservation period is different from the one that you’ll pay during the actual rental period. Take note that Hertz Alice Springs car rental is a trustworthy company that provides high quality service and unwavering customer care.


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