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31 Oct

Hertz Car Rental Melbourne: Why Opt for a Hertz Fun Collection byHertz AU

Hertz Car Rental Melbourne: Why Opt for a Hertz Fun Collection banner

Are you planning to have a holiday trip in Melbourne, Australia? For sure, you would want to visit the Melbourne Museum, Flagstaff Garden, River Gardens, Mornington Peninsula, and a myriad of other world-class attractions that the city boasts of. The good news is: you can easily achieve your objective if you’ll take care of your transportation needs. This can be easily achieved if you’ll include Hertz Melbourne car rental in your travel plans.


For several years, they have been providing satisfying car rental services all over the world. And among the company’s most sought service is their green collection. By doing so, you can help the environment and accumulate huge savings along the way. In addition to the abovementioned factors, there is another reason why you’ll love the said collection. It is the elegance and style of their vehicles. On top of the list is the Toyota Prius.

The Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is not only environment-friendly, it can be said that its style and innovative features is second to none. Driving it will let you experience a dynamic as well as a responsive drive that will take your driving experience to a whole new level. For a wonderful city like Melbourne, a stylish car like a Toyota Prius definitely suits well. It boasts of sleek lines and a classy sweeping roof. There are so many Hertz Melbourne car rental vehicles that are unique and stylish, but this one is one heck of a head turner.


What’s more, it only produces an extremely low level of carbon dioxide emissions. For example, if you are at a low driving speed, the Toyota Prius system will manage only the exact output from its fuel source to supply all the power; hence, carbon dioxide emissions are lessened which are considered as a great deal of saving the environment. Lastly, the Toyota Prius can accommodate up to five people. It is a spacious car with 4 doors; as such, you won’t feel cramped and uncomfortable during your travel. Wouldn’t it be better if you have your family or friends with you while you explore the wonderful city of Melbourne?

Hertz Car Rental Melbourne: Conclusion

If you want to achieve a worthwhile vacation, save money, and help the environment, opting for a Hertz car rental Melbourne green collection is the way to go. Rest assured that such move is a little something that you won’t regret because endless benefits that it will bring.


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