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19 Sep

Hertz Darwin Car Hire and Fuel Guidelines byHertz AU

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Darwin is the Northern Territory’s capital city in Australia. This city is known for its tropical beauty. It is the home of several national parks and islands which are known to every part of the world such as the Litchfield National Park, Tiwi Islands, Kakadu and Arnhem Lands.


With a Hertz Darwin car hire, you could enjoy exploring the city. Go to Darwin’s Mindil Beach Markets, head towards its harbor, or visit the city’s museums. There are a lot of destinations to visit in the city of Darwin while driving your car. However, don’t let your fuel run out!


To save you from the hassle of fuel problems, Hertz, one of the biggest car rental companies in Australia, has something in store for you. Here are some of the company’s fuel guidelines to keep your gas tank in tip-top shape:

Fuel Purchase Option

Otherwise known as Prepay the Fuel, the Fuel Purchase Option of Hertz allows you to hand back your rented car with an empty tank without any extra fuel charges. Here’s how the Fuel Purchase Option works:


First, when you pick up your Hertz Darwin car hire, you have the option to include a full tank of fuel in advance. Second, they always update their fuel rates once a week in order for their consumers to get the best fuel price. The company wants to make their customers happy by offering affordable fuel prices.


And lastly, you have the complete control over your fuel tank. There is no a refueling charge if you have returned the hire car with a fuel tank that isn’t full. There will no always be a fuel top-up charges. If you refuel the car before returning it, Hertz will remove the Fuel Purchase Option from your final bill.

Fuel and Service Charge

This fuel guideline only means that they will do the refuelling for you. If you almost run out of fuel during your drive, you could return the car to their with the gas at any level.


They will then charge you for the fuel price and the refuelling service combined. Hence, you can escape the hassle of looking for refuelling stations and let them do all the refuelling services for you.

Hertz Darwin Car Hire: Summary

Simply put, if you run out of fuel during your Hertz Darwin car hire, you’ll be the one responsible for refueling your hire car prior to its return. Just make sure that the fuel is at the same level that you have started with.


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