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23 Sep

Hertz Melbourne Car Hire: Picking Up Your Car byHertz AU

Hertz Melbourne Car Hire: Picking Up Your Car banner

Melbourne, Australia is loved by tourists from all over the world. Who wouldn’t be captivated with this stylish and dynamic city? The city is rich in beautiful architecture that mirrors the place’s history, old museums, fantastic street arts, local cafes and bars, restaurants and of course, sports. The Melbournians are a great fan of horse racing, football, cricket and Formula One car racing. Undoubtedly, Melbourne is befitted as being Australia’s cultural capital.


If you want to see the city’s spectacular views and engage in countless awesome outdoor activities, it would be best to employ the services of Hertz Melbourne car hire. It is a reputable car rental company can help you in your car rental needs. Here’s how to pick up a car from the said service provider:

Prepare all the required documents

If you’re going to pick up your rental car, you have to prepare all the necessary documents. The drivers should present the following: booking confirmation, driver’s license and/or International Driving Permit (IDP), valid credit card and passport. These documents should be presented at the Hertz rental counter for confirmation.

Register additional drivers

Having additional drivers will be a better idea since driver fatigue happens most of the time. For the additional drivers, be sure that they are listed on the rental agreement upon registration at the rental counter. Take note that Hertz will not be held liable for any unregistered drivers; you’ll be required to settle a minimal amount in the process.

Choose your refueling option

When picking up your car, Hertz Melbourne car hire provides three major refueling options: Fuel Purchase Option (FPO), company-provided fuel service, and do-it-yourself refuelling. The FPO allows you to pre-purchase a tank of fuel at a discounted price. The company-provided refueling service on the other hand is the service that is provided by Hertz and the last one allows you to refuel the tank yourself and return the vehicle with a full tank.

Research toll and road charges

This is just a reminder. It is the renter’s responsibility to pay the toll roads and charges directly to the operator. Good thing, Hertz offers a tolling provider called Roam Express for an automatic credit card payment of tolls especially in Hertz Melbourne car hire, or even Sydney, Australia. So, if you want to avoid the fuss of paying tolls, register for a Roam Express account offered by the said service provider.


Be sure to remember these tips when picking up your car in Melbourne. Visit the Hertz website for a more detailed information or give them a call, their courteous and friendly personnel are more than willing to extend a helping hand.


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