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04 Sep

How To Travel In Style And Comfort byHertz AU

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Traversing through 705 square miles of Adelaide can prove daunting even for the most experienced motorist. But there’s a sure way to travel in style and comfort across South Australia’s capital city.

Roll through town like a diplomat or aristocrat, or breeze through the streets like a cool cat - it is all up to you. But one thing’s for sure - comfort and style need not be a burden on your budget. Just go to Hertz Adelaide car rental and pick from among a wide range of standard to luxury cars, family friendly vans and wagons, to 4×4 SUVs and trucks, and even vans for heavy duty hauling. The company’s well-maintained fleet offers both the casual, leisurely driver and the highly technical motorist the assurance of a smooth, trouble-free ride.

If you’d like to take in the sights of Adelaide’s amazing architecture or enjoy the colors along King William Street leading to Victoria Square — make sure to drive a vehicle that also makes you look and feel good. As they say, one’s car say a lot about a person. For that reason, the company makes sure that every car-for-rent will speak volumes about the client’s unique personality and taste.

The city’s hot summers mimic the Mediterranean, so it is always important to rent a vehicle with a reliable AC. During the winter months and at times when there’s drizzle, the roads can get a bit slippery and that is why checking even the tire conditions of a rented car is essential.

So, why take the risk of getting a beat-up old car or riding on a vehicle that seems “fine on the outside but junk in the inside”? Adelaide’s wide multi-lane roads also provide you excellent road conditions to make your driving experience both safe and memorable. But that is only possible if you have a vehicle that meets safety and aesthetic standards. Your time, image, and safety on the road should never be compromised.

But the service goes beyond the externals. The company’s staff makes sure that every engine is running smooth, the chassis is stable and rigid, and the car’s body is spotless and perfect. Inside the rented car, one will appreciate the neatness and functionality of the interior.

Even before you get the pleasure of riding the car or vehicle of your choice, one will be treated to quality services that are simply impressive. With Hertz Adelaide car rental, you can be assured of getting professional, courteous service from their highly trained staff. The discounts and deals offered year-round are also sure to add more value-for-money with each rent.

Whether it’s the overall safety and reliability of the car or the quality of service you receive from start to finish, your satisfaction is guaranteed.


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