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13 Aug

Make The Most Of Your Short Vacation byHertz AU

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If you’ve been longing for a relaxing holiday for so long, then you should seriously consider putting Darwin, Australia in your travel plans.


A visit to this city is just what you need to get away from the stress of daily living and rejuvenate yourself after a gruelling work season. This is true even if you’ll be vacationing in Dunedin for a short-period.

Waterfront Area

Many of Darwin’s fun and exciting tourist activities take place in its alluring Waterfront Area. Aside from this, it is filled with charming restaurants, trendy shops, and alluring parklands that will definitely make you feel relaxed and worry-free.


Outdoor recreational activities are essential components of Darwin’s Waterfront Area and it offers different beach activities that will certainly make your stay a pleasant one.


On the other hand, if you’re more a laidback type and you simply want to enjoy a calm swim, you can visit the recreational lagoon that is located nearby.

Litchfield National Park

Litchfield National Park is one of the finest national parks in all of Darwin. It boasts of spectacular waterfalls, unadulterated woodlands, tall trees, and other natural wonders that you won’t find elsewhere. In addition to these attributes, it also boasts of alluring falls like the Tolmer, Surprise Creek, Sandy Creek, Wangi, Tjaetaba, and Florence.


To achieve a Litchfield National Park that is one for the books, it would be best if you’ll sign up for a 4×4 tour. This way, you can visit the remote areas of the said park without breaking sweat.

Berry Springs

Berry Springs Nature Park is arguably the most popular swimming as well as picnic area in the city of Darwin. It boasts of a small waterfall and several pools that are surrounded by natural bush that adds up appeal to its already alluring outdoor atmosphere.


Like other springs in the area, it has a historic value since it was developed during World War II as a recreational area for soldiers who fought for the Allied Forces. Afterwards, it was converted into a tourist attraction that captivates holidaymakers from all over Australia.

Darwin Car Rental: Summing up

Darwin, Australia is the perfect destination for you if you want a relaxing vacation that will ease your mind and therefore allow you to manage your stress more accordingly. This is true even if you’ll have a short stay holiday break in the said city.


However, to make the most of your once in a lifetime vacation, it would be best if you’ll include Darwin car rental in your travel itinerary. This transportation option is perfect if you don’t have the luxury of time in your hands and you want to visit the finest attractions that Darwin boasts of.


By having a rental car in your possession, you can travel all you want and visit any of the city’s best tourist spots in heartbeat! The best part? You don’t have to shell out a huge amount of cash in the process.


So, if you want a Darwin vacation that is well worth your time, money, and effort, don’t forget to include Darwin car rental in your travel plans. This is a little something that you won’t regret.


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