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08 Jan

Melbourne Travel Guide: What Makes This Australian City Worth Visiting byHertz AU

Melbourne Travel Guide: What Makes This Australian City Worth Visiting banner

Melbourne, Australia has been in the radar of many holiday makers across the globe for quite some time because of a myriad of reasons. It is filled with distinguished cafes, restaurants, and wineries, among others. Plus, it boasts of beautiful buildings, exceptional architecture, and fine galleries.


Putting the aforementioned factors into consideration, it can be said that Melbourne travel is the way to go if you want a vacation that is out of the ordinary.


In addition to the said elements, there are several things that simply make Melbourne worth visiting. Some of them are explained below.

Abundant wildlife

Melbourne is internationally-recognized for its genuine efforts when it comes to wildlife conservation. While there, you’ll definitely marvel at its beautiful landscape, tranquil environment, and abundant fauna.


You can also visit its award winning-zoos and high-tech aquarium centres that the city boasts of. Simply put, you don’t have to go far to take a look at its wildlife riches because they can be found in the heart of the city.

World-class sporting events

Melbourne is a city that is well known for its world-class sporting events. Year in and year out, loads of sports aficionados flock this place to enjoy cricket, football, and other sports tournaments.


Also, Melbourne regularly hosts the Ashes Cricket Tournament and other prestigious contests. Therefore, it is the place to be if you’re a sports enthusiast who wants to relax, unwind, and experience world-class athletic events.

Rich culture

The said Australian city is considered by many as a world-leader when it comes to cultural riches. Its collection of fine art works, dazzling music scene, and distinct history are just top-notch. Because of the mentioned elements, a great number of tourists flock Melbourne on a regular basis.

Summing up

Due to its abundant wildlife, world-class sporting events, and rich culture, the beautiful city of Melbourne is a destination that you shouldn’t miss if you want a vacation that is in unparalleled in so many ways.


The best part? Whatever your preference or budget may be, you can enjoy the best sightseeing tours that will make your holiday break extra special with Melbourne rental car.


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