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11 Feb

Melbourne Travel: World-class Attractions Minus The Excessive Spending byHertz AU

Melbourne Travel: World-class Attractions Minus The Excessive Spending banner

Having a vacation in the country of Australia is a great way to enjoy one of the most fascinating tourist destinations in the world. Its climate, scenery, and tourist attractions are just top-notch and visiting it is a must if you want to experience a holiday break that is unlike any other and without worrying about breaking the bank. This is most true with Melbourne travel.


Melbourne’s central district is a class of its own both during the day and the evening. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to which tourist spot to visit. Plus, it is filled with festivities and exhibitions all year long. Putting the said factors into consideration, it can be said that boredom is the least of your concern if ever you decide to go on a Melbourne travel escapade. There are so many grandiose places that you can visit while there and some of the most notable ones are the National Gallery of Victoria and the Botanical Gardens.

National Gallery of Victoria

The National Gallery of Victoria is Melbourne’s oldest and biggest public art establishment. It contains paintings, handicrafts, sculptures, jewellery, and other artworks of world-renowned artists like Auguste, Constable, J.M.W Turner and more.


Its second floor stores indigenous artworks from 19th century colonial and aboriginal artists. The gallery also stores awe-inspiring collections from local artists like Bill Henson, Jenny Watson, Tony Clark, Jenny Watson, et al. Entrance is free, so you don’t have to worry about overspending if you decide to visit this place.

Botanical Garden in Melbourne

The Botanical Garden is another destination that should be included in your itinerary if you want to achieve a relaxing and budget-friendly vacation. The garden boasts of close to 50,000 plant species that are strategically settled in 35 hectares of land. You can bring your own food and have a picnic at its park area and enjoy its beautiful scenery while munching your favorite meal. Like the National Gallery of Victoria, entrance is free of charge and there are no age restrictions.

Melbourne Travel: Conclusion

Contrary to many beliefs, having a vacation in Melbourne is not only for the rich and well-off. There are so many things that you can do during your Melbourne travel that does not include the use of huge sums of money. The only aspect of your tour that would require you shell out a substantial amount of cash is transportation. On the other hand, you can save tons of money in the process by opting for a Melbourne rental car. With this, you don’t have to pull out your wallet each time you ride a taxi or a bus. Plus, many service providers offer huge discounts and lots of freebies to clients who’ll book in advance.


If you want to enjoy a vacation that is very different from your past holiday breaks, make sure to include Melbourne in your travel plans. It’s very budget friendly and the tourist spots that it boasts of are just top-notch; and with a rental car, you can take convenience and relaxation to whole new different level.


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