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21 Feb

Must-visit Places In Your Melbourne Tour byHertz AU

Must-visit Places In Your Melbourne Tour banner

Considered by many as the heart of Australia, Melbourne is the perfect place to spend a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday break. Its laidback atmosphere, coupled with its beautiful attractions makes it stand out among other cities across the globe when it comes to tourism. In addition, some of the city’s primary destinations are located a couple of miles from each other and making the most of your Melbourne tour is easy.


However, there are a couple of places that you should prioritize during your getaway. Some of them are elaborated below.

Melbourne Healesville Sanctuary

This iconic wildlife conservation centre was opened in 1934 and it is a place where you can take a closer look at Australia’s unique fauna. The Healesville Sanctuary is one of the best places to visit during your tour because it exemplifies true Australian beauty.


Some of the native animals that you can see during your visit are Tasmanian devils, kangaroos, wombats, koalas, and platypus, among others. The said sanctuary has been home to platypus since the early 1930s and it has become a respected figure in animal conservation.

Melbourne Luna Park

Luna Park is the perfect destination if you’re travelling with children. One of the oldest theme parks in the world, it opened in 1912 and has been the source of endless entertainment of countless generations.


It is famous for its eye-popping moon face entrance that will certainly make children of all ages giggle with joy. You shouldn’t miss its picturesque roller coaster which is the oldest consistently operated one in the world.

National Gallery of Victoria

Located in Kilda Road, the National Gallery Of Victoria is home to some of the most impressive and flamboyant art collections in Australia history. Its exhibits are divided into two categories: Indigenous and non-Indigenous art—some of which—were obtained from the Colonial period. One of the highlights of your gallery visit is its compilation of exquisite glass artworks that were made by internationally-acclaimed artists.

Melbourne Tour: Summary

As you can see, a Melbourne tour has all the elements of a fun-filled and exciting holiday break. In addition to this, the temperature in the said city is perfect for vacations because the weather is just right. It is not too hot during summer time and not too cold during winter.


On the other hand, take note that your vacation can be enjoyed more if you’ll pay attention to the littlest detail during your trip. This includes having a Melbourne airport rental car. With this precautionary measure, you’ll not only ensure that your transportation needs are well taken care of, you’ll also save money along the way.


Some service providers don’t only provide huge discounts, they also include freebies such as free Wi-Fi, free GPS, and more!


Putting these factors into consideration, having a rental during your Melbourne tour can go a very long way if you want to enjoy your holiday break to the fullest.


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