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09 Jan

Perth Holiday: Festivals That You Shouldn’t Miss byHertz AU

Perth Holiday: Festivals That You Shouldn’t Miss banner

If you’re longing for a grand holiday break like many people across the globe, then you’re probably dreaming of having an Australian vacation. If this is the case, you should start doing some serious planning so that you’ll achieve your fantasy getaway!


One of the best places to visit while in the “Land Down Under” is the city of Perth. It is Australia’s fourth largest city and the capital of its western region. The reason why having a Perth holiday is ideal is the fact that it has a climate that is appropriate for sightseeing tours and other similar activities. Furthermore, if it’s your first time to go there, you’ll find out that the city is a place of festivity and celebration. Some of the festivals that you shouldn’t miss are the Perth Fashion Festival, Stewart Music Festival, and WA Wine and Food Festival.

Perth Fashion Festival

The Perth Fashion festival is arguably the most prestigious festival in the city. It is a ten-day event that is held during the spring season and it provides newbie fashion designers the chance to pretty much showcase their extraordinary skills. Putting the said factors into consideration, it can be said that you shouldn’t miss this event if you have a knack for fashion and art.

Stewart Park Music Festival

Held during the month of July, the Stewart Park Music Festival has become more prevalent than ever with close to 35 outdoor concert arrangements that include musical genres like folk, jazz, rock, pop, electro, dance, and many more! It is a fun musical event that you should put in your itinerary if you’re passionate about music.

WA Wine And Food Festival

Are you a wine aficionado and food lover who always makes it a point to try something new? Then the WA Wine And Food Festival is perfect for you! It is known throughout Western Australia for being an appealing lifestyle event. It also provides tourists like you the opportunity to relax and basically enjoy your Perth holiday.


It’s about time to make your dream Australian vacation a reality and what better way to do it than to visit the city of Perth. With its tourist-friendly climate, wonderful environment, and lively festivals, it can be said going there is once-in-a-lifetime experience that you shouldn’t miss and enjoy with Perth airport car rental for fun and adventurous vacation you will ever have.


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