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22 Feb

Picturesque Perth via Road byHertz AU

Explore the Picturesque Perth via Road banner

As the capital and the largest city of Australia, Perth occupies a position on every traveller’s favourite-destinations list. Bountifully blessed by Mother Nature, the city boasts a series of attractions that you cannot afford to miss. With a skyline that seems like a dream come alive, Perth is set to capture your imagination in its entirety. Whether you choose to stay overnight or have only a few hours to spare, a car hire in Perth is the best way to explore this city of dreams.

King’s Park and Botanical Gardens:

A delight for nature and bird lovers, the King’s Park is a massive stretch of green parklands and botanical gardens. Home to more than 324 species of plantations, this Park attracts native and migratory birds of wide variety. With art galleries, memorials, walking tracks and family areas, it makes for an exciting day-outing with family and friends. The inbuilt Botanic Gardens comprising 18 hectares is home to more than half of Australia’s plant species, besides being a visual delight.

Swan River:

Perth is a city of lakes and rivers. As a waterbody that supports the city of Perth along its banks, the Swan River makes for a picturesque sight. Locals and tourists relax in its embrace as they walk, jog, cycle or even take a cruise on its serene waters. The adventure-spirited can opt for a jet ski or a twilight sailing for an exhilarating experience.

Lake Monger:

Lake Monger, a wetland just about 5kms from the city of Perth is another popular recreational destination. However, if you want to experience the life and times of the locals, then  head to the famous Swan Valley. A region situated on the upper end of the Swan River, the Valley seems like a small town in itself. Comprising an array of suburbs, it is home to some of the oldest families in the region, besides boasting of several wineries, microbreweries and chocolate factories among several other gastronomic delights.


Cottesloe qualifies as another exotic destination west of Perth. Known for its dreamy beach overlooking the Indian Ocean, Cottesloe offers every kind of luxury to its guest.
As you drive across this magnificent city, take care to drive with caution. Australia is stringent with road regulations and mistakes while driving can prove disastrous. While speed limits on freeways range from 80 to 100kph, cities command a limit of 50kph, unless specified otherwise. Weekends attract double penalty points for any road-related offences that may include parking beyond prescribed limits or using mobile phones while driving. It is mandatory that the driver and passengers wear a seat belt while travelling in a car. With these nuances looked into, the only thing you need to concentrate on is, having a great time in Australia!


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