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16 Jan

Precautionary Measures When Driving In the Outskirts Using Alice Springs Car Rental byHertz AU

Precautionary Measures When Driving In the Outskirts Using Alice Springs Car Rental banner

Alice Springs, Australia’s outback capital is just what the doctor ordered if you’re a nature lover who likes to discover new and, say, wild places. One way to make sure that you’ll make the most of your trip is to go on a road trip via an Alice Springs car hire vehicle.


This is a worthwhile option because many service providers offer vehicles that are specifically designed to trump the challenges of the outdoors. Despite this, it should be noted that there are certain things that you need to consider when driving in Alice Springs. Some of the most notable ones are elaborated below.

Take rests

Fatigue and outdoor road trips should never go hand in hand because it can greatly compromise your safety as well as welfare. With this in mind, it would be best to stretch a little and get out of your vehicle every two hours to somewhat perk yourself up.


Also, it would be best to rest at least 15 minutes before hitting the road again. Don’t neglect this aspect because doing so may lead to unwanted circumstances that you will definitely regret.

Beware of wandering animals

Kangaroos, coyotes, wallabies, koalas, Tasmanian devils, among other wild animals may wander in the roads of Alice Springs. Bear in mind that hitting wandering animals is the most prevalent cause of tourist fatalities in the said town.


Putting the said factor into consideration, make sure to always be on the look out for the said creatures because not only can you ensure your safety while doing so, you’ll also avoid damages that may translate to fines and other monetary sanctions.


Furthermore, if possible, don’t drive during the nighttime because of the sheer number of nocturnal animals that may wander during the said period.

Always practice caution when overtaking road trains

Road trains or 53.5 meter trucks are quite prevalent in Alice Springs and other places in Australia. They travel an average of 100 kilometres per hour and weigh about 170 tonnes. If you are driving behind a road train and you want to overtake, make sure to consider some safety measures when doing so and always look for sign speeds.

Summing up

While traveling in Alice Springs can be very fun, exciting, and perfect for nature lovers, it should be noted that it would be best if you’ll include Hertz Alice Springs car rental in your travel plans because this can help you visit the finest attractions that the said town boasts of.


When driving, make sure to take heed of the tips and pointers that were mentioned above. They can help you achieve an outdoor vacation that is one for the books without compromising your safety and welfare.


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