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19 Feb

Save Money On Accommodation While Having Your Darwin Vacation byHertz AU

Save Money On Accommodation While Having Your Darwin Vacation banner

Are you longing for a relaxing and laid back holiday break, but afraid that your budget may not be able to hold? Worry no more because you can always go on a Darwin vacation without fussing about accommodation expenses—something that—will use up a huge chunk of your money during out-of-the-country escapades.


When having a Darwin vacation, there are a variety of budget-friendly options that you can choose from.

Darwin Lodging Houses

The city of Darwin boasts of world-class lodging houses that are quiet, comfortable, safe, spotless, and well-kept. In addition to saving money on accommodation, you can also save some on food items because many of them come with spacious kitchens. As such, you can prepare your own food and don’t have to go to a restaurant or diner to eat.

Darwin Motels

Motels are also good accommodation options because it is a bit classy compared to lodging houses and you don’t need to pay grandiose amounts. In addition to this, many Darwin motels come with free on-site parking, free Internet, free welcome drinks, and so much more!


Many of them are situated near golf courses, shopping centres, and business establishments; as such, it would be best to opt for motels if you want to obtain easy access to the mentioned places.

Darwin Apartments

This option is ideal if you’re travelling with a group. Aside from being cheaper, there are other advantages that can be availed from renting an apartment instead of paying two or more hotel rooms.


You and your companions can enjoy extra privacy and somewhat feel the comforts of your own home. It usually comes with its own kitchen, dining area, multiple bedrooms, etc. If you’re lucky, you might even enjoy your own private view deck or porch.

Darwin Vacation: Summary

As you can see, saving money in your Darwin vacation is easy because there are so many accommodation options to choose from. On the other hand, it would be best to book early so that you can compare options and choose something that will perfectly complement your needs and preference.


With regard to transportation, travelling from the airport to the accommodation facility of your choosing is relatively easy because New Zealand’s transportation system is very organized. However, to save time and free yourself from the hassle of riding buses and cabs, you can always pay for a Darwin airport rental car.


Contrary to many beliefs, the said option is practical because you’ll have access to a more personalized means of transportation and you don’t have to pay for bus, cab, or train fares each time you travel. In addition, you might even get a huge discount if you’ll book and pay in advance.


With affordable accommodation and airport car rental, you can say that you can enjoy your Darwin vacation to the fullest without worrying about going overboard when it comes to your budget.


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